Same Deep Throat who took out Nixon is taking down Trump

Trump Raid Smoking Guns – Pottingers’ Planted Plots

A Little Known Deputy National Security Aide Is The Key To Trump FBI Warrant

by George Webb
George’ Webb Task Force Orange Journal

Donald Trump suspects planted evidence in the raid of Mar-A-Lago, but he probably doesn’t now who took out the last President to be undermined so badly. And if Trump learned who took out Nixon, he would have no problem figuring out who who is undermining him. Stan Pottinger, Henry Kissinger’s hatchetman, took out Richard Nixon. Now his son Matt is taking out Trump’s bid for a reelection.

In October of 2021, I did a series of news shows on a little-known US State Department diplomat named Matt Pottinger that had joined Donald Trump’s National Security team as a Deputy Advisor for Peter Navarro. I had profiled Matt Pottinger as the “Kissinger Kid”, primarily because his father, Stanley Pottinger, was the key man in coming up with “Deep Throat” in the Watergate Affair to take out Richard Nixon as President with Mark Felt of the FBI.

Again, my old metadata rule was in effect – if your father takes out a President, the son is likely to be called on to do the same thing. Lyndon Larouche had outed the connection between Kissinger and hatchetman Stanley Pottinger in one of his Executive Intelligence briefings decades ago.

So you didn’t exactly have to be a Washington, DC “Sherlock Holmes” to ask yourself, “So when is Kissinger going to have Matt Pottinger take out Trump?”.  Stan Pottinger even wrote a book about getting Prescott Bush’s Nazi bioweapons scientists into our National Laboratories (with the help of then Vice President Richard Nixon). What does the “Last Nazi” do to the world? Starts a worldwide pandemic, then institute a set of rules to put the Third Reich back in power. Sound familiar, Klaus Schwab?

I described in my last substack, “Whose Files Were Left At Mar-a-Lago?”, how Matt Pottinger suppressed information the U.S. State Department had about a Wuhan Lab leak until after the Chinese New Year Celebration on January 25th, 2020; and Pottinger made sure he maintained a travel loophole for Chinese students to enter the US event after recommending a travel ban for everyone else coming back from China.

The Associated Press published an article that 8,000 Chinese residents from Hong Kong and Macao entered the US in the first three months of 2020, mainly because Hong Kong and Macao were exempted from the China travel ban which took effect on February 2nd, 2020.

The New York Times went much higher in their estimates though for the first quarter of 2020, cranking the number all the way up to 430,000, with 40,000 entries occurring after the China Travel ban. I have attributed most of these entries as Chinese students entering the US with the Pottinger travel loophole.

Even though Trump instituted the China Travel ban on February 2nd, 2020, it seemed most of the damage had been already done to 390,000 travelers before the ban took effect with the most damage being done by the Chinese New Year Celebration travelers on January 25th, 2020. Most Americans remember Nancy Pelosi actively encouraging young people to travel to San Francisco’s Chinatown for the January 25th, 2020 Chinese New Year Celebration. But back at the White House, Matt Pottinger already had word from the US State Department that another “1918 Flu” was coming the United States way on January 14th, 2020.

Matt Pottinger was concerned enough to break protocol and call a National Security meeting with the CDC Director Redfield and HHS Secretary Alex Azar, but nobody bothered to call House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to stop promoting single mingling at the Chinese New Year celebrations almost ten days later? In fact, Pottinger, CDC Director Redfield, and HHS Secretary Azar waited until after the Chinese New Year was over to tell the President of the impending doom.

But two days after Pottinger’s silence over Pelosi’s Chinese New Year Celebration promotions, Pottinger was telling the President this coming pandemic would be as big as the 1918 Flu that killed from 20 to 50 million depending on whose estimates you read.

Pottinger is the Zelig of CoronaViruses. SARS broke out in his hotel in Hong Kong one floor below him in 2003. His brother Paul did the “non-CDC” CoronaVirus Test Kit in January of 2020 which he suspiciously delayed distribution until well into the travel ban. His wife Yen Pottinger did the HIV Test Kit with none other than Deborah Birx, the Scarf Lady. Pottinger also recommended Birx as the national spokeswoman for the CoronaVirus pandemic. And this crisis gave Pottinger access to Mar-A-Lago for CoronaVirus emergency meetings with the President.

And that’s why Matt Pottinger can describe exactly where the Classified material is in the 15 boxes of old notes at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago. Matt Pottinger planted them there. FBI search warrants require detailed knowledge of the exact location of Classified files which only Pottinger or Navarro could provide.

Oh yeah, and his father wrote a book about taking down a US Congressman with planted medical files. Matt Pottinger’s planted plot has been exposed.

From the “Comment Section”:

Wow, quite a bit of detailed history there. Classified files planted at MAL, but the question remains as to the content of the alleged Classified files. And it all leads back to Kissinger, the CFR and the WEF, both of which Kissinger was directly involved in the creation of.

George Webb is the best investigative reporter in the country. Thanks for posting…the only question is, did Trump know Pottinger was a plant ?


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