Chernobyl was a terrorist attack.

Lecture presented by Anton Kolmykov
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Dear ladies and gentlemen! My name is Anton Kolmykov. I represent the expert institution CNEAT of Samara city, which performs technical, construction, economic and forensic expertise. We are at the intersection between science and law. The global research is conducted by you, and we adapt it and pass to the legal community – lawyers.

Lawyers are the people who have graduated their technical education in grade 10. We need to recycle your work, to cut off pseudo-science as simple as possible and submit it to the lawyer.

I present my report on the Chernobyl accident. The meaning of work is that I have re-designed the whole theme and present it in a simple and understandable way. If it is clear to every student in the room, it means my article was a success and so was my report. If someone did not understand something, it means I failed.

And so, here we go. The Chernobyl accident.

The purpose of transfer of this information to the lawyers is to ensure sustainable development of society, we must eliminate the threat that exists and carries out genocides, terrorist attacks, arranges wars and everything that interferes with the normal development of society and environmental security in the world.

The Chernobyl accident. You can see the epicenter of the explosion, which is located in the Central hall. Demolished are concrete structures of the left and right walls, as well as the reinforced concrete roof of the building. That is, it is a huge destructive force of the explosion, the epicenter is located directly in the Central hall. It is a nuclear explosion. For everyone to understand, no other energy can commit such destruction.

The official theory that propaganda embeds in the minds of the layman, is that supposedly the water has reacted with zirconium, has decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen and then this “explosive gas” blew up the station. It’s junk science and we cut it off.

The state Commission has investigated the accident. At the nuclear power station there was a black box that recorded all the parameters. The Commission received the following information:

1 hour 23 minutes 40 seconds clicked off the reactor – the automatic protection button to stop the reactor was pressed.

1 hour 23 minutes 43 seconds – recorded are the first signs of changes in the operation of the reactor and emergency situation.

1 hour 23 minutes 47 seconds, an explosion occurred.

That is, from the beginning of the emergency situation before the explosion passed four seconds. No actions of the station personnel could change anything. In case of emergency they had to stop the reactor emergency protection, but they have already clicked it and could do nothing. The station staff, in principle, is not guilty of the situation.

About the experiment, which was conducted at the station. At the station, an experiment was performed. The load from the turbine was taken off and the time was fixed. The turbine rotates freely until it stops. Due to the time of rotation a judgement is made about the condition of the bearings. It is a completely non-hazardous experiment, and it is held on any such engine. Is everything clear with the accident ?

Now, about what happened from a technical point of view, and what was the cause of the explosion. This issue was investigated.

Ten years before the Chernobyl disaster was an accident at the Leningrad NPP, which led to overheating of the cooling circuit of the reactor in a similar situation. When people began to investigate, it became clear that when the rods of automatic protection shut down the reactor, they move down and in front of the rods moves a vapor tube,i.e., ahead of the rod moves the vapor tube. It’s not water, it’s air-steam environment through which the neutrons pass freely. Instead of stopping the reactor during the first seconds of the movement of the rods down, the reactor speeds up.

When the operator presses the off button of the reactor, the reactor slightly increases its activity and then stops.

This was revealed in 1975. Two research Institutes worked on this issue and found a technical reason. Those were the design decisions for future upgrades of nuclear power plants that have not been introduced later for the simple reason that if the fuel meets the regulations, the emergency situationin principle can not be.

What happened? Scientists put the calculations on paper. Ten years before the Chernobyl accident, all of these calculations for the emergency were known to the security organs and the Communist Party (Central Committee of CPSU). Accordingly, special services of the USA and England received all information and could easily calculate what kind of activity is needed to lead to an emergency situation, dispersal and explosion when you stop the reactor.

Thus, we must conclude that the explosion of the Chernobyl NPP was not technically possible when using regular fuel, corresponding to regulations.

The research was conducted by two professors who have a 100% chance (1.0) found that parts of the rods were non-standard, not meeting the regulations.

According to operational information, it became known that it was the fuel from the reactors of nuclear submarines,the fuel of higher activity, which the rods were purposefully outfitted with a week before the explosion and which were loaded into the reactor of the Chernobyl NPP.

In 1986, Civil defense was active in the USSR. Here are the posters which were in every school, every University and everyone knew what to do when radiation was detected- to hide and be protected.

Near the station is a military unit, which tracks the launches of nuclear missiles and detects a nuclear attack from the United States. The station of the military unit in automatic mode conducted monitoring of the USA. Two hours after the explosion of the Chernobyl NPP the military detected a nuclear attack on the USSR by the increased radiation. After two hours the information about radioactive contamination was known by the Central government, but no measures were taken.

Conclusion: Central government knew about contamination, but measures were not taken.

The technical part of the report is finished. On the technical side of the report is everything clear?’ Are there any questions?

Forensic part of the report.

To establish the goals of a terrorist attack, let’s look at the wind rose on the territory during this period. The picture shows that the radiation covered the South-East of Ukraine.

I draw Your attention to the fact that the report was sent to the European Union in early 2014, prior to the events in Ukraine (beforee 22 February 2014). Therefore, what is happening in the South-East of Ukraine, confirms past crimes – they actually signed the terrorist attack in Chernobyl.

The figure shows whom they wanted to kill on the territory during the attack. The following figure shows what happened as a result: radioactive contamination of the European part of the continent.

What was the problem and why they have not achieved the desired result? If the military had planned to the end the operation, they would have tied the blast to the current weather forecast for this area. But it was a terrorist attack, which was tied at the appointed time, the terrorist attack was planned to happen on a certain date. The Date corresponds to the Jewish Passover on the night of Saturday. The Date and time were tied to the worship, and the attack was carried out as a sacrifice.

So as not to be accused of anti-Semitism, I report that about it openly says the head of the Jewish community of Kharkov Eduard Hodos. When he realized this, he came out of Judaism and joined Orthodox Christianity.

The figure shows the radioactive elements in the radioactive contamination from the Chernobyl NPP. As a result of contamination, a sharp increase in cancers has.

The whole situation with Chernobyl and its aftermath is very well documented. It is necessary to perform calculations of damages and to transfer them to the legal community, to sue and to compensate for the damage. It is also necessary to ensure that intelligence agencies have started to work and have eliminated that bandit group that arranges all these terrorist attacks and wars.

That gang is now well known. The Americans point at them that they have executed the terrorist attack of 9/11. This is the international Jewish organized criminal group Rothschild-Rockefeller. The main gang is Rothschild. The gang includes the Royal family of Great Britain, the ruling circles of Switzerland and Israel. They openly advocate that 90% of the population on the planet should be destroyed. They also fund all the projects that are aimed at killing the population, at destruction of the environment, GMO, vaccines for the purpose of genocide, etc. These people are ideologues of all this. Under their influence, no environmental program can be undertaken. They will do everything so that all were killed. They knowingly finance everything harmful ranging from pornography on the Internet, etc. All that comes from there.

The illustration shows their character – GGGGG, see picture.

Schizophrenics, serial offenders have criminal handwriting. Symbolism gives away all of their communications and history. What is not obvious in this picture? Here is The Bill Gates Foundation. Here is Gaidar forum. See how the symbolism coincides? Here’s Gazprom. Gazprom is a good company, but it finances anti-government radio station Echo of Moscow.G7-G8 and now the hammer and sickle in the form of the letter G.

The following picture illustrates the leader of the extremist sect Chabad – Managem Mendl Shneerson. In 1994 he made a statement that all Slavs should be killed, the entire white race. It is necessary to kill the population on the territories of the Samara region, Tatarstan, the Volga region, the Caucasus, South-East of Ukraine, Crimea and to these areas resettle Israel. Shneerson claimed that on this territory would be a good climate and all the population should be destroyed. They have already started bombing South-East of Ukraine.

This statement Shneerson made in 1994 and in that year the Muslims in the Caucasus began to fight to create a Caliphate within the boundaries Shneerson had pointed to create the Jewish state.

On the next picture you can see a map of the Holodomor – the official map. The bottom map shows he English map of Khazaria. This territory was provided by Churchill and Britain to create the Jewish state.

Khazaria is a fictional story about the alleged pre-existing Jewish Khazaria. This is a fictional story of the 20th century and you can see the publications on the Internet.

Returning to the terrorist attack. The figure shows 1981 – the Jewish holiday. This is the date of the bombing of the nuclear reactor in Iraq. The criminal gang does not change its handwriting and acts according to their old traditions.

In 2012 in the international scientific magazine of the USA was published an article on the Revision of the Nuremberg trial. The main reviewer of the journal calls himself Professor at Stanford University and U.S. and Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul.

The article mentioned who attacked Russia. The whole theme develops from 1917. The picture shows the biography of the man who watched over the preservation of military secrets in the USSR. This is an American Jew.

Therefore, when the Jewish community claims that they were shot by Stalin, they are mistaken. Stalin himself was supervised by the NKVD and it would be correct to say that it’s the American Jews who killed Jews in Russia in 1937. This is a more correct assessment of the situation.

Just to be clear, I clarify that Samara lawyer Mr.Ulyanov it is not Lenin. Samara lawyer Ulyanov is not guilty for the genocide of the peoples of Russia. With the filing of our expert institution since 2010, the corpse of Lenin in the mausoleum in Moscow is listed as an unidentified corpse. The corpse must be identified and handed over to the U.S. government.

The whole situation was sorted out and I’ve made a report in 2013 at international conference on forensic examination. The report is called: Falsification of documents by the U.S. occupation regime in Russia.

The corpse of Lenin, it’s obviously our Jew from Odessa who emigrated to the United States in the late 19th century. He took US citizenship and returned to Russia with the U.S. occupation forces in 1917 as Minister of propaganda of the occupation administration in Russia.

I told you everything. The gang must be rigidly and ruthlessly destroyed. Summarize all your environmental research on Chernobyl, do a damage assessment and forward!

Thank you for your attention!


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