NEVER FORGET: Desperate Democrats will steal every single election they can……..

….which means that the 2022 midterm elections represent a point of no return for the American Republic.

Why wouldn’t The Regime steal the elections?

They got away with stealing a presidential election when the Republicans were in office, what’s going to, who’s going to, stop another flagrant election theft? Merrick Garland? LOL

Especially if you point out that the election was stolen your potentially going to be declared a domestic terrorist.

Look at how the regime and its minions are acting, like they have no worries about losing, sort of like Biden et al acted before the 2020 selection.

Show me one time in history where a cabal that stole an election and took over a country against the will of the electorate through election fraud, ever allowed a free and fair election. Ever.

Comment posted by Warren


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