Dystopianism 101

Adults (especially armed adults) don’t believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Democrat/Republican party scam.

Just plain folks (e.g., American State Nationals) watch as perverts and cross-dressers get appointed to government positions, brainwashed moms bring their kids to get sexualized and groomed in schools-gone-wacko, and seemingly rational public figures fawn over and infuse billions of taxpayer fiat money into some loser Ukrainian actor’s Nazi regime.

What’s an adult to do as the disease of liberalism stays stuck on the spin cycle <= and no one lifts a finger to either fix or junk that globalista-uniparty, brain-washing media-machine-apparatus?

As things go full commie, many still can’t get it through their heads that government and (other) corporations are not, I repeat, NOT your friends; that TVs only spew mind-parasite-poison; and that the drug pushing medical/tech mafia wants to own you.

Meanwhile, adults are subjected to more and more rounds of addled winging from a seemingly endless corps of festering man-crushes-now-gone-sour. Think Warren Buffett (really?), Elon Musk, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others. Yes, the kiddies are disillusioned and lost in a wilderness of howling sanctimonious outrage because these idols have gone commie-puke and are supporting such “totalitarian outrages” (really?) as the defense of a woman’s right to make her own choices about her own body in the face of “totalitarian religious ideologies” (otherwise known as “abortion” or the killing and sacrificing of their babies to Mammon). Johnny Depp will tell ‘em! – boo hoo hoo! Warren Buffett is a crypto Maoist? – boo hoo hoo. How anyone can take libtards seriously when they traffic in such incoherent quackery is a mystery to all reasoning adults. If the CIA wanted to undermine any respect whatsoever for a vaxx skeptical argument, they couldn’t have come up with better poster boys. (Wha? Thanks fer…nothing!—just one big babbling brook of blabberwocky making no sense at all and, again, signifying => nada!)

Yes, folks, our dystopian nightmare lopes dysfunctionally along. Most yawn and invest their time-twiddling in the great savior complex—that the White Hat Alliance will soon intervene and save us from ourselves. It might=> if it’s really got any serious might to it. Then again, does anyone think this senile sock-puppet Biden-clone and his puffball wokemeister fluffers really run and control anything?  They don’t even run or control their own damned selves.

Yeah, I think I’m gonna get me one a them daggone 3000 lawn mowers. And if I need any maintenance fer it I’ll just call Carl (<= click here). Y’all remember Carl, dontcha—that hungry Slingblade mechanic-avenger?

Jack Suss aka Wyman Wicket is a cultural mutant author of red-pilled magic realism whose writings can be found here: https://wymanwicket.com/book


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