Jane Fonda Called for Christian Politicians to be Murdered Weeks Before ‘Targeted’ Attack on Nashville Christian School (Video)

Fonda was criticized on Twitter Monday evening.


Last Updated on March 27, 2023

Twitter users began criticizing Jane Fonda and The View following Monday’s school shooting at the private Christian Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. Jane Fonda spoke about murdering pro-life Christians during a March 10th appearance on the program, a remark that was quickly dismissed as a “joke” by show hosts. Fonda did not indicate that she was joking, however, and called for people to “fight” for leftist social policies.

On Monday. Nashville Police identified the Covenant School shooter as 28-year-old Audrey Hale. Hale is biological female who identifies as a transgender male and is an alumnus of the school. 

Nashville Police Chief John Drake told reporters that law enforcement recovered a manifesto detailing motivations for the attack complete with maps of the school upon searching Hale’s home. The police chief further hinted that Hale’s transgender identity played a role in the “targeted” attack on the Christian school.

Following what appears to be a politically motivated terrorist attack against Christians, Jane Fonda’s call for violence on The View has resurfaced.

Lifenews.com tweeted, “Remember when Jane Fonda said liberals should murder pro-life Christians?”


“Jane Fonda and The View supported the idea of murdering Christian Pro-Lifers this month. They giggled like the wretched hyenas they are. Now that they have blood on their hands, do you think we will hear apologies?” said conservative pundit and former Delaware Senate candidate Lauren Witzke.


Another Twitter user said, “A Tennessee shooter heard the call to kill pro-lifers and carried out the attack at a Christian school. The View panelists tried to sweep the remark under the rug last week, but Jane Fonda refused to retract it. We told you Fonda was serious. Her expression was adamant. Review the clip. Judge for yourself. Six people were slaughtered today.”


“You heard it here, Jane Fonda said we are not going back. Shootings like what happened in Nashville are going to get worse because people who are too stupid, evil, or vapid keep preaching messages of violence and extremism to an increasingly mentally ill crowd. Prayers and condolences but strap in,” said another.






Neither Fonda nor any co-hosts of The View has commented  on the nature of the attack as of this time.



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