Latest Gun Grab Psyop – Trannies Versus Christians

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Trannies don’t hate Christians. Their Communist Jewish sponsors Do!

Government Sponsored Terrorism Seeks to Disarm Legal Gun Owners.
 Think Parkland and Uvalde Texas
MOTIVE:  THE FEDERAL DEEP STATE Orchestrated a False flag School Shooting to Stop Tennessee Legislation That Would Allow Fewer Gun Restrictions.

VIDEO & PHOTO PROOF: The Nashville crime scene was set up in advance and the shooting was staged.

Nashville’s Christian School Mass Shooting: A Staged, False Flag, Gladio-style Black Operation and Psyop with Several Objectives
The perfectly staged photos of this transparent op tell the whole story

MESSAGE: Not even religious schools are safe anymore from lone nuts who can easily acquire an assault rifle and/or semiautomatic weapon and/or handgun.
The perps especially like targeting Nashville because the Music Industry is headquartered there.  In this way, the “gun control” message gets heard LOUD & CLEAR across America.
But why did the well-concealed planners choose a transgender with an attitude to play the villain?
Because cultural marxism’s primary goal is to generate maximum chaos, confusion and conflict society-wide before the BIG war.
This time-tested divide and rule strategy serves to inflame the tensions between the national Christian community and the nationwide LGBTQIA movement.

American Teacher’s Federation president (((Randi Weingarten))) called for an assault weapons ban following the Nashville school shooting, citing Australia and New Zealand as examples

Tucker: The trans movement is targeting Christians

Without mentioning Satanists and Communist Jews by name, Tucker Carlson nails it.
PJW- The nightmarish reality of what happened in Nashville is difficult to even process, but the reaction to it is bizarre beyond belief.
America’s ommunist corporations and media signal their approval by their silence


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