Happy Easter Fools Day!

Encinitas, CA
March 31, 2023

by Rich Scheck

The calendar helps us understand this unique Black Swan moment in history: a few hours before April Fools Day the former President of the United States is indicted on charges many legal experts think are spurious, barred by the statute of limitations and/or motivated for purely political purposes.

A week after the Fools get to do their thing is Easter Sunday……..the celebration of a martyred Saint worshipped by millions of Christians here at home simultaneously with their hero being legally “crucified” in a gesture virtually guaranteed to solidify and mobilize Trump’s base.

Fascinating business this indictment: imagine the bail hearing if the prosecutor argues he should be denied release because this announced candidate for president is a “flight risk!”

Ridiculous! It’s almost as stupid as attempting to give him a speedy trial with an unbiased jury of his peers. Good luck with that and the months of scrutiny by defense attorneys as they spend hours grilling prospective jurors whether they are biased.

If the goal of the desperate Democrats is to destroy Trump with death by a thousand cuts via multiple lawsuits that will undermine his ability to campaign, he never has to leave his jail cell if it comes to that since folks who support him already know where he stands on the issues while his surrogates can speak for him as well or even better.

Notice how timely this distraction from all the scandals is: Fauci on the run; bankers caught pilfering funds; Zelensky announcing he is close to admitting he can’t stop Russia from taking the Donbass while keeping Crimea; and so much more including the Pope possibly on his death bed, Musk expressing the need to stop AI before it takes over humanity and a Mothership hovering over the planet.

Yup, a day for fools followed by a memorial for a martyr from 2000 years ago with a new one emerging at these End Times of the American Republic as our once great country descends ever further into the dystopian muck.

It would make for a popular Reality TV show or a classic farce drama of mirth and absurdity if it weren’t so terribly tragic. Unless you’re George Carlin, you can’t make this stuff up!

One thing is definitely good about this development. It should make things much clearer
for most people and help them decide which road they want to take: tyranny or freedom.

The only problem is that for someone like me, Trump is just as much an anti-hero as his
oppressors, although much preferable to the miserable bastards who are tormenting him
and those who honestly believe in him.

As things now stand, America is toast! Happy Easter Fools Day!!

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