The CDC witch is on the run

Friday Good News

The CDC witch is on the run, and a new medical system emerging

Due Diligence and Art

Quick post with some breaking good news. Rochelle Walensky, a co-conspirator behind the deployment of bio-chemical weapons on the Americans and global populations has resigned from the CDC.

According to a complaint filed by Lisa McGee at Vaxxchoice, Walensky was never properly sworn in when appointed to her office, and her signed affidavit stated that she was NOT a Director of CDC but a Senior Advisor. I don’t know if her resignation is related to this, but one can hope it is.

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Many other top executive branch officials, both in HHS and DOD were not properly sworn in nor signed their affidavits:

Removal of officers of the United States

Another piece of good news on Friday is I received a note from Dr. Sam Sigoloff who is a DOD whistleblower, fighting illegal mandates. A new medical board system is being established through the tribal health system. I believe this is one of the ways to rebuild our society and importantly re-establish physician/patient relationship based on trust and care. Here is more information for those who are interested:

I just got off of a live CloutHub broadcast with Todd [Callender, attorney] where I discussed getting a medical license through the First Nation Medical Board. And little did I know that I had already had my new medical license in my inbox when I spoke. With this medical license, I can practice across state lines as long as the patient that I prescribe medicine to is a member of the Crow Tribe. The patient must only pay about $35 to become a member for a year. I must also donate 5% of my proceeds as a tax deductible donation to the tribe. I must also put up a sign outside of my clinic that says members only or not for public. But this is a way to practice medicine without having to worry about the racketeering going on with the state medical boards.

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