These Ukraine War Casualties for Ukrainian Servicemen, NATO Soldiers and Foreign Mercenaries Prove Intentional Genocide


Posted by Ted Baker

As of today, May the 15th, 2023 [439th day] of the Special Military Operation [SMO], the RUSSIAN ARMED FORCES have operated in more than 315 strategically combat areas across the territory of [uk]raine covering more than 53.1112% of [uk]raine land [or more than 318,667.20 square kilometres]. This is equivalent to 128.2198% the size of GREAT BRITAIN; 6297.7708% the size of DELAWARE45.8078% the size of TEXAS; 233.9734% the size of NORTH CAROLINA125.5581% the size of MICHIGAN75.1632% the size of CALIFORNIA and 584.1212% the size of NEW YORK in the uSS.


  1. The [uk]rainian military is completely DEPLETED. The morale of ‘the few’ left in combat has SUNK to its LOWEST LEVEL. The KIEV regime MUST SURRENDER before its total self-destruction. The continued uSS, little britain, kanada and eu policy of beefing up the [uk]rainian military and NEO-NAZIS formations with uSS and NATO weapons that are being heavily used against CIVILIANS and key infrastructure only prolongs the agony of the kiev REGIME, stretching out the conflict and multiplying victims.
  2. Looking into a future of protracted war, diminishing high-tech systems and mounting casualties, the kiev REGIME and NATO must face up to tough decisions before those decisions are forced on them.
  3. Out of the official 345200 recruited ‘biological’ men and women to fight until the last [uk]rainian none are longer in existence. Only NAZI NATO foreign mercenaries exist and some are SURRENDING and others are trying to SURVIVE with their ‘suicidal’ and failed counteroffensive operations.
  4. In the last 2W [UK]raine forces has suffered COMPLETE CARNAGE at the MEAT GRINDER IN ARTYOMOVSK (Bakhmut) with over 9,211 service literally killed, including 4835 foreign MERCENARIES from uSS, uk, kanada, australia, latvia, estonia, new zealand, france, austria, denmark, norway, albania, rumania, bulgaria, germania, czech republic and poland [the largest chunk] among others. Some of those killed include WOMEN being recruited to fight in [uk]raine.
  5. uSS-led NATO has deployed 85000 trained Neo Nazis in [uk]raine DURING THE LAST 4 months. Of those, RUSSIAN ARMED FORCES have eliminated more than 76777 heads who were deployed near the DONETSK, LUGANSK and KHERSON regions [these are officially states member of the RUSSIAN Federation].
  6. Long-standing NATO allies such as the uk, uSS, germany and france servicemen have also experienced huge casualties near AVDEYEVKA, KUPYANSK, UGLEDAR and KRASNY LIMAN all four strongholds now officially in the hands of the Russian Federation. More than 3142 british MERCENARIES soldiers, 3741 french and more than 5121 ameriKANs servicemen have perished fighting a losing war. Higher casualties have been also registered for germania (2816) finland (1965) and Poland (5387)
  7. In the last 24 hours due to MASSIVE RUSSIAN STRIKES, [uk]raine has lost 485 heads of MANPOWER – ALL CONFIRMED AS KILLED – of which 185 were FOREIGN MERCENARIES, and roughly 217 were NATO Neo Nazis troops. NONE have SURRENDERED. They been sent to the MEAT GRINDER to fight the AmeriKAN proxy war.
  8. So far in the SMO, the estimated WOUNDED account for 168412 and KILLED 213585 – including 17122 FOREIGN MERCENARIES. More than 8683 UAF men have surrendered. More than 55% of the wounded have now perished.
  9. The estimated MILITARY COST of the war to [uk]raine – courtesy of the uSS taxpayer – today stands at $1.44125 trillion which exceeds 7 times their GDP in 2021. This includes depleted NATO resources in the BILLIONS. The estimated true value of reconstruction for [uk]raine is $ 5.46730 trillionAn increase of 0.8700%% in 1 week. These costs are liabilities the AmeriKAN taxpayers will be liable for, for life.


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