The Khazarian-directed dramas on today’s world stage just got stranger—MUCH STRANGER!!!

Zelensky to attend Arab League summit – media

READ HERE: Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is set to attend a summit of the Arab League in Saudi Arabia on Friday, according to sources cited by Bloomberg, Reuters and CNN. He was expected to then travel to Japan to join the leaders of G7, but Ukrainian officials have since clarified that his participation would not be in-person.

The gathering in Jeddah will also feature another high-profile guest, Syrian President Bashar Assad, whose nation’s membership in the 22-strong organization was recently reinstated after a 12-year suspension. The Syrian leader arrived in Saudi Arabia on Thursday, while the Ukrainian head of state is reportedly scheduled to fly in later in the day.

“The visit as planned brings Ukraine’s leader together with Syrian President Bashar Assad, a key Russian ally in the Middle East”

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