FALSE FLAG TITANIC SUB PSYOP: It’s much more than you think! (Updates)

Whatever psyop the C.I.A. puts at the top of the “Google News” page is the biggest distraction of the week or longer

Really, could there be a more captivating
distraction during the devastating summer
of 2023 for Team Biden than the globally
captivating Titanic sub drama?!
Notice this
psyop took place right as Special Counsel
John Durham gave his highly authoritative
and damning testimony about the brazen
weaponization of the DoJ and FBI against
President Trump and the American people
to the U.S. Congress.

After all, everyone on planet Earth has already been primed for it with LOTS of predictive programming from the 1997 blockbuster TITANIC starring Hollywood’s politically correct “Marlon Brando”—Leonardo DiCaprio—as well as Céline Dion’s voice.

State of the Nation

The insiders’ rumor racing all over the Internet since the very moment that the “2023 Titan submersible incident” first strategically appeared throughout the CIA’s Mockingbird Media is this:

Were the 5 secret researchers on the Titanic sub just taken out
because of “video proof” that it was really the ‘Olympic’that
was deliberately sunk by the Khazarian banksters?! 

The Back Story

First, it’s very important to understand the true history behind the deliberate sinking of the RMS Titanic—“a British passenger liner, operated by the White Star Line, which sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on 15 April 1912 after striking an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York City, United States.”[1]  As follows:

For those who have not viewed the preceding video presentations, the short story is this: It wasn’t the TITANIC that was sunk in 1912 just prior to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, it was her sister ship, the OLYMPIC.

Quite similar to the 9/11 controlled demolition whereby the Twin Towers were taken down because of the building’s “irremediable asbestos problem”, the OLYMPIC was fraudulently sunk because of certain uncorrectable structural defects.

Also, just like the staged 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, when many targeted individuals were stealthily taken out before, during and after the assassination black ops, the five targeted sub occupants are very close to being declared dead this week.

In the case of the TITANIC, there were several very wealthy and powerful key opponents to the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank who were deceitfully invited by Rothschild agent and bagman J.P.Morgan to take its maiden voyage.  In this way, all of those influential impediments to the 1913 Federal Reserve Act were swiftly removed as they all conveniently went down with the ship on April 14, 1912.

Oh, really? No GPS on the Titanic sub! Were the submate
investigators that close to seeing evidence that the
“Olympic” was sunk on purpose?

Outright rescue interference

But perhaps the most compelling piece of real-time evidence that something is very wrong with this sensational sub psyop is the current rescue fight being waged between the United States and United Kingdom.

“British deep-sea surveying company Magellan has been blocked
by US officials from participating in attempts to rescue a diving
team that has been stranded near the wreck of the Titanic.”

There was also this little wrinkle in the plot to prevent any type of a high-integrity rescue of the sub from taking place.

Something Really Strange Happened 10 Minutes Before Titan’s
5 Submates Inexcusably Died Due to Gross Negligence

Whenever two of the most powerful superpowers of the Zio-Anglo-American Axis are seemingly at odds with each other it reflects a HUGE power struggle at the top.  Exactly what’s going on with respect to this sub search and rescue operation is almost impossible to know; however, the following analysis puts together what may be the BIGGEST pieces of this puzzle.

“With the rapid advancement of undersea technologies over the last few years, there has been a significant uptick in deep underwater exploration and tourism just as we see in the space realm.  Because of this more conducive state of affairs, more people want to get a glimpse of the main attraction in the Atlantic Ocean—the TITANIC, which is really the OLYMPIC.  This predicament is bringing more and more investigative journalists, conspiracy realists, revisionist historians and crime investigators to the ‘TITANIC’ crime scene.  As more curious folks visit the graveyard of the OLYMPIC, the culpable crime families, whose progeny are still living today, are fearful that this heinous criminal conspiracy will be exposed with hard scientific evidence proving both “the switch and the sabotage”.  Therefore, the present sub super drama was scripted for the mainstream media by the US Intel Community to blast out around the globe as a deterrent to all future curiosity seekers.  In other words, the primary message of this sub super psyop is: “If you travel to the TITANIC’s graveyard, it will also become your grave!” (See: Here’s the 2000 psyop that was also carried out to dissuade Titanic researchers from investigating the Olympic wreckage.)

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Then there is this latest MSM report issued on the afternoon of June 22, 2023: Officials: Titan sub passengers dead in ‘catastrophic implosion’.

    — Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

Distraction ~ Diversion ~ Misdirection

Let’s revisit the most common denominator of every single staged media event that the CIA’s Mockingbird Media purposefully sensationalizes like there’s no tomorrow.

DURHAMgate: Could there be a better diversionary tactic than
this global media preoccupation with the missing Titanic sub?!

But what really what happened during the most recent House hearings that saw Special Counsel Durham testify and be cross-examined?!

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED! Watch the treacherous and “VERY NERVOUS” Special Counsel John Durham get caught as a co-conspirator in the HUGE criminal conspiracy cover-up of Deep State’s RUSSIAgate.

But perhaps the most conclusive evidence that this sub psyop was manufactured as a HUGE global distraction is found here:

HARD PROOF of a deliberate and massive global psyop to distract everyone from the stunningly incriminating John Durham testimony

To be continued — (See updates below)

State of the Nation
June 21 2023

Update #1

TITAN SUB ATTACKED? Oh, so now there’s a debris field where the sub was supposed to be and it took the US Coast Guard this long to find it.

Update #2

Truly, the $64,000 question is: Did the U.S. Navy just hear the explosion, or did they cause the explosion?

Update #3

TITANIC BLACK OP—TITAN PSYOP! What’s with this in-your-face mainstream media meme?!

Update #4

Titanic Sub Story Proves To Be A Highly Engineered Distraction But With Multiple Objectives


[1] Titanic

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