It doesn’t get more serious than this.


Khazarian clique of war-profiteering and criminally insane psychopaths installed throughout the Biden administration are hellbent on triggering
a nuclear World War III

Who doesn’t know by now that the rabidly Russophobic, Khazarian-planted, Neocon Zionists strategically positioned within the Biden regime were put there specifically to wage war against Russia?

Which is exactly by such an obviously drug-addled, demented and doddering fool like Joe Biden was assisted in election stealing his way to the White House.  His Khazarian masters had one main qualification for the present Oval Office occupant—a highly compromised career political criminal who could offer no resistance to their warmongering agenda and slow motion genocide of the American people.  As follows:

OPERATION NEOCON was only able to proceed with all deliberate speed because the Biden Crime Family was so easily bought, bribed and blackmailed to carry out any war profiteering initiative necessary to keep the Ukraine War going hot and heavy.

This is why the Neocons chose “Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden” to act as the frontman for what is essentially a highly organized genocide of every fighting-age Ukrainian male.  When there’s absolutely no conscience, Biden’s Khazarian handlers do not even need to compel or coerce him via the typical carrots and sticks.

Most significantly, when it’s time for the Neocon madmen to press the nuclear button, Biden won’t even know his authority was used to start a nuclear World War III.

Now the reader knows why Biden was set up to blatantly steal the 2020 election … … … and why Trump was prohibited from his rightful second term.

Whereas Trump is a peacetime businessman first and MIC salesman second, Biden is all in with the Khazarian Cabal‘s perpetual war economy, even if it means the total destruction of the American Republic.  Because that’s what Biden has done—exposed these once United States to the full fury and ferocity of Russia’s highly advanced nuclear weaponry.

Only the Khazarian-controlled Neocons could ever perpetrate and cover-up such a crazy convoluted clusterf*ck!  Particularly an op that puts the fate of humanity in the nuclear crosshairs and future of planet Earth in great jeopardy.

BOTTOM LINE: The ever-warmongering Neocons (remember their War on Terror) are fiercely determined to conquer the Russian Motherland in its entirety.  Via their devastating multi-century Great Game, the Khazarian Cabal has always had the goal of permanently ruling Russia in order to steal all of its vast wealth, especially its land, water and abundant natural resources.  In point of fact, the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution was carried out by the Khazarians to turn Russia into an enormous slave colony.  However, when the Western banksters tried to replace Soviet-style communism with their trademark predatory crony capitalism in 1990, President Putin and his fellow Patriots pulled off a stunning coup.  And the rapacious Neocons will not rest until they have they exacted vengeance for this perceived betrayal. See: PUTIN’S RUSSIA: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World Order

The crucial point here is that, after trying every means to goad Moscow into world war, the Neocons are set to launch a false flag nuclear attack in Ukraine in order to rally the NATO-aligned nations against Russia.  Just as the Khazarian Cabal did by engineering the First and Second World Wars, they’re once again pitting white Christian nations against white Christian nations so they can rule the entire planetary civilization, only this time out in the open.  The Ukraine War was intended on transforming that country into a Second Israel since those historical territories of the Khazar Khaganate represent the ancestral homelands of the original Khazarian Mafia, which once raped, pillaged and plundered the whole region with wanton abandon.  The ancient kingdom of the Rus’ resoundingly defeated the Khazarians to end their criminal tyranny, and the vindictive Khazars swore revenge ever since. See: THE FINAL WORLD WAR: Khazarians vs. the Rus’ People

State of the Nation
July 6, 2023

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