Ufology Update: Crimea, The Great Game and WW3(4)(5)!

Arroyo Grande, CA
July 7, 2023

by Rich Scheck

It’s called the Mackinder Heartland by some, the region of Eurasia now occupied
in part by Ukraine that represents a key part of the Earth that has seen frequent
“clashes of civilization” over millennia.

As William Bramley documented in The Gods of Eden, wars are part of the
Great Game on The Grand Chessboard of history that currently sees a rekindled
fight among the major powers.

The Crimean War of the 1850s, WW1, WW2 and the Cold War all were witness to
either overt fighting or elaborate schemes for expanding their influence by powerful
nations like the UK, Russia, France, Germany, Turkey and the US.

Now as we rapidly accelerate towards WW3(4)(5), huge economic and political shifts
that underlie imbalances in the present arrangements intensify, fueling national ambitions
and the urge to claim natural resources, land and access to critical waterways.

The current crisis is unique not only because of its Orwellian characteristics that sees the
implementation of mass surveillance technologies but also because of the “UFO factor”
now highly present that has augmented the usual mix of religious, cultural and ethnic
factors of previous conflicts.

There is much talk of UFOs these days in the news including their presence in Ukraine
which adds a new element of threat and confusion to the conversation.

With so much of the action confined to the Donbas region of Eastern Ukraine, it is rare
to see any mention of the 3 year war in Crimea that involved most of these same players
nearly 200 years ago.

The good news is that these countries are aware that this typical “boys will be boys”
slug-fest will predictably lead to new political and financial relationships as happened
in the past.

But the arguably (very) bad news is that the modern era has weapons of mass destruction
that are so awesome that an accident or miscalculation made in the fog of war might readily obliterate the entire planet.

That is why the latest inching of push coming to shove escalation by the Biden Regime
with its introduction of cluster bombs is such an outrage!

Ego, pride and psychopathic behavior have long accompanied the higher values associated
with war like bravery and patriotism. In today’s version of this scenario, there will be no “Charge of the Light Brigade” glorifying the actions of its participants.

Right now we have the ex-convicts of the Wagner Group going up against Neo-Nazi forces of the Azov Regiments.

Rather than those inglorious bastards dominating the fighting, we might soon see the complete takeover of the war by drones, robots, AI, nanotech weapons and WMD to duke it out after the increasing body count leaves the ranks of regular soldiers significantly depleted.

Whether the real underlying agenda involves the foundation of Greater Israel as predicted by Zelensky at the start of the war remains to be seen. That is one possible resolution along with others like the dystopian vision of the WEF which vigorously promotes its NWO agenda of planetary, centralized control.

However one wants to evaluate what is happening, the sad fact remains that decent folks
everywhere are systematically excluded from these globe-shattering decisions made by
powerful elites who jockey for dominance while using ordinary citizens as mere pawns.

Whether sinister, off-world ET forces are part of this drama and are competing with more
benevolent entities once called the angelic realm is beyond my ability to discern.

What I can say with certainty is that there is an urgent need for an infusion of sanity from
whatever source before we Earthlings blow ourselves up and destroy all hope for the
future of Humanity.

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