Yes, the “Germ Theory” deniers are much
more dangerous than even the worst of the
Flat Earthers!!!

Submitted by an An Integrative Heath Consultant
SOTN Exclusive

First of all, shame on us for not writing this screed when these super-stupidos first hit the scene during the very beginning stages of the Covid Plandemic.  Truly, shame on us!  Our sincere and profuse apologies to everyone who was deceived by those self-deluded stupidos.

Years have now gone by as we have all watched and listened to so many so-called bioterrain experts and holistic health practitioners and former medical professionals and New Age healers and alternative healthcare specialists and assorted commentators weigh in on the very weighty matter known as the “Germ Theory”.

Of course, we have all heard them by now completely tear down the entire allopathic paradigm that revolves around the “VIRUS” and the field of virology.  Much of that analysis may be true and accurate; much of it may be false.  We’re not here to discuss the merits of those endless debates about whether a virus is real; is an exosome; is the causative factor of disease; or, if the purported SARS-CoV-2 virus even exists (It doesn’t exist as presented by officialdom).

This screed has one purpose, and one purpose only.  To return to sanity regarding the ways in which the germ theory is entirely true and crucial to these profoundly perilous times.  As follows:

According to RFK Jr., not only do viruses and other pathogens exist, but you can teach an old germ new tricks.
(Source: If RFK Jr. really believes in telling the truth “no matter the cost”, it’s time to come clean re “germs”)

The preceding statement is typical of the many anti-germ confabulatists, who publicly discuss this topic on the Internet, which clearly indicates they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Number 1: Viruses do in fact exist but are clearly not the fabricated frankenmonsters which are systematically used by the Big Pharma and Big Medical and Big Govt, collusively, to scare the bejesus out of US and into their exceedingly injurious and often deadly pharmaceutical drug regime.

Number 2: Pathogens (aka “germs” to the deniers) of every sort and kind do, in fact, exist which has been scientifically established over decades of using high integrity scientific methods. In point of fact, numerous pathogenic micro-organisms such as various types of pathogenic bacteria, fungi, parasites, mycoplamsa and other as yet unnamed microbials have been categorically proven to directly cause a whole host of well-known diseases, medical ailments, health conditions, physical disorders, various illnesses, generalized sickness, ever-morphing syndromes, both chronic and acute.

Does this irrefutable reality deny the crucial role of an individual’s bioterrain in the process of contracting a pathogen-caused disease?

Absolutely not!

Can we say with any degree of certainty which is more causative or important or influential or consequential — germ or terrain — in any given case?

Yes, but only after an exhaustive and focused work-up on the patient.

So, what’s the critical point here?

The “Germ Theory” deniers have succeeded in throwing the baby out with the bath water… … … just as the Flat Earthers have absurdly rejected all of modern and ancient astronomy, as well as Tesla-inspired astrophysics, because they claim the ever-lying NASA is the original source of the entire body of knowledge.

Yes, all NASA knows how to do is lie and prevaricate about everything all the time about their various enterprises, but does that mean they don’t respect the basic laws of physics when they launch a rocket from Cape Canaveral.  As an irrational reaction to that state of affairs, the Flat Earthers reject all of established science concerning space and its contents because of their deep distrust of NASA, making themselves look like real lunatics.

Similarly, the germ deniers reject much of medical science because the “Rockefeller Crime Family” created all of the key institutions which make of the present medical establishment.

That’s it.

In a nutshell —

And even the very smartest of the anti-germers can’t seem to understand the sheer enormity and gravity of their erroneous (AND UTTERLY STUPID) conclusions.

So, then, we ask the “Germ Theory” denier — STRAIGHT UP: If you had to have a life-saving heart surgery or foot amputation, tooth extraction or baby delivery, appendectomy or thyroidectomy, cataract removal or joint replacement, would you prefer a surgeon who first washes his hands, uses the appropriate hygienic surgical gloves, utilizes sterilized surgical implements in a surgical suite that follows all the latest risk management process and sanitation procedures, etc.

Or, would the denier allow a filthy doc with dirty hands, who doesn’t do any of those things in preparation for their surgery, and who eschews all cleanliness protocols during their operation……………………………………………………………………………….


KEY POINTS: One last essential point, as both a Covid consultant since December of 2019, I noticed with my very first COVID-19 patient that SARS-CoV-2 was not a virus.  Our group authored the first article on the Internet in January of 2020 which stated that the COVID-19 bioweapon was a highly bioengineered concoction of various pathogenic micro-organisms which specifically contained a parasitical, bacterial and/or fungal components.  Since we saw early on that there were several variations of COVID-19 symptom sets, it became intuitively obvious that each generation of the bioweapon contained a different mix of those infection agents.  In other words, the Covid bioweapon variant that was launched in Wuhan was appreciably different than those released in Milan and Tehran, New York City and Seattle, Guayaquil and Buenos Aires, etc.  With this correct understanding, the reader can now grasp why the “utterly fake debate” deconstructed above has hurt many folks who live as though there are no bugs out there in the world to take appropriate measures to avoid.  Yes, the best measure to take are authentic holistic living and bolstering the immune system; however, I have several clients with whom I have respectful disagreements about this highly consequential matter.  And, they have suffered greatly because of their foolish embrace of the exceedingly dangerous “no germs, only terrain” mindset.  Please, everyone, send this post to anyone who still suffers from this hazardous ignorance.

An Integrative Heath Consultant
State of the Nation
July 24, 2023

SOTN Editor’s Note: What’s very funny is that we know a lot of germ theory deniers who also laugh uproariously at the equally ignorant Flat Earthers.  Much of the Alt Media has been captured by many of those torchbearers for the total supremacy of the bioterrain to the complete exclusion of the existence of germs, pathogens, microbials and every manner of pathogenic micro-organisms.  Certainly the bioterrain has always been ignored by Big Medical because they profit so much from patient ignorance so no one is denying the tremendous importance of the terrain theory.  But who exactly is behind this global psyop to make us even sicker and poorer and “stupider” through the outright rejection of the Germ Theory?

PERSONAL TESTIMONY: Like every person on the planet, this SOTN editor has experienced all types of germ-caused illnesses and pathogen-triggered diseases.  As a life-long health nut, I have employed practically every known natural weapon in Mother Nature’s pharmacopia to defeat with great success the various bugs that brought about those medical ailments and health conditions.  In each case I did two things.  First, I accurately identified the pathogenic micro-organism(s) and selected the best killing agent(s).  Simultaneously, I set about the process of cleaning up my bioterrain, everywhere and anywhere possible, in order to remove the conducive environment which the bugs exploit to make a nice home and then colonize.


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