The Cosmic Reset Revisited: Understanding The Current UFO Craze!

N. B.: This is a broad overview with references to follow.

Minden, Nevada
July 31, 2023

by Rich Scheck

I recently wrote an article describing what I call The Cosmic Reset, a theme originally mentioned by Preston James.

The current UFO craze is best understood as a continuation of the historical pattern that involves endless wars with the simultaneous presence of The Phenomenon as brilliantly described by William Bramley in The Gods of Eden.

War provides the pretext for centralizing power; the introduction of new weapons; the conquest of foreign lands that provide needed resources such as oil, precious minerals, farmlands; and access to ports….all while forcing the population to collude in a nation’s imperial designs!

The current Ukraine crisis demonstrates this pattern with UFOs providing a fear-based narrative that allows for the weaponization of space to deal with the alien threat as well as distracting from domestic crises as the war expands via mission creep and an escalation of the fighting.

It’s a business model that Smedley Butler described accurately when he proclaimed: “War is a Racket!” Space commercialization is already a major part of the Breakaway Civilization and hidden system of finance described by Dolan, Farrell, Liszt, Fitts and others.

The Ukraine War and UFO craze provides cover for the infusion of massive spending on weapons and spin-offs in the private sector with “gold in them there asteroids” as incentive for exploiting the New Frontier.

As the Great Reset blossoms into the Cosmic Reset, the transformation of the planet into a futuristic utopia/dystopia will see these new economic systems take hold whether in the form of AI, nanotechnology, robotics or other, yet to be developed technologies……..many relying on various aspects of Space as we witness with the parade of companies in the Musk portfolio.

The entertainment industry is a huge part of the MIC and plays a major role in shaping the consciousness of the new generations that will participate in this process as we see with the Marvel movies and films like Star Wars, Star Trek, Dune and Avatar that rely heavily on the casual portrayal of spacecraft, ETs and attending artifacts.

All of this will eventually see the emergence of a new human origins story to consolidate the forces at play and provide the proper religious, political and economic basis for unifying the population that survives these unending wars for the New World Order.

As best as I can tell, the above is a useful summary for understanding how the VERY Deep State and those in charge of the UFO file are using the Phenomenon to promote their own interests rather than a sincere effort at transparency, Disclosure and an end to The Truth Embargo

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