SOTN Editor’s Note: At critical junctures during the implementation of the New World Order agenda, the Khazarian Cabal carries out mass human sacrifices.  They do this as a means of propitiating their various satanic idols who they really believe will facilitate the establishment of their long planned totalitarian One World Government.

The highly organized Maui Massacre on August 8, 2023 was conducted as such a massive human fire sacrifice.  There are now volumes of evidence which prove categorically that the arson-triggered Lahaina ‘wildfires’ were deliberate acts of pyroterrorism executed to murder as many Maui residents as possible, as well as efficiently as possible.

BURNED ALIVE! Elon Musk Demands Prosecution
for Maui Massacre (Video)

The Khazarians are no stranger to perpetrating genocides and depopulation schemes, world wars and regional conflicts, weather catastrophes and climate calamities, environmental disasters and industrial catastrophes, social cataclysms and religious strife/racial tension, financial collapses and economic depressions, global pandemics and national epidemics, acts of geoterrorism and pyroterrorism, etc. See: An Abridged List of Fastidiously Planned Genocides Carried Out by the Khazarian Cabal.

Which means that the Hawaiian Holocaust in Maui was just another in a long line of holocausts which the Khazarians have carried out with highly purposeful design.  That “design” revolves around several different occult aspects of the Maui Mass Murder Operation.  For example, this human fire sacrifice was intentionally performed on 8/8/23— the 8/8 being a very significant occult number.  It was also completed on a Tuesday which is ruled by Mars, the god of war.

The ‘best’ human sacrifice is always one that includes many children according to the ways of their ancient bloodthirsty traditions marked by satanic ritual abuse and murder (children are considered much purer than adults and the younger better).  This is why all the young children were calculatingly sent home from school that day only to be incinerated in their houses with ruthless pyro-efficiency.  Which is exactly why this inexplicable situation still exists: “WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN?” STILL NO REPORT ON STATUS OF MINORS.

There are various demonic idols who have been worshiped by Illuminati family bloodlines going back millennia.  Satan, Moloch, Baphomet, Lucifer, and Pan are just a few of their chosen deities.  The common denominator among all of them is their infernal passion for the sacrificial blood of young children.  However, adult sacrifices also serve their purposes in terms of satisfying the bloodlust of those thoroughly evil entities.

The following post fleshes out the skeleton of the HAWAIIAN HOLOCAUST in greater detail.

State of the Nation
August 25, 2023

MAUI – Lahaina Fires a Satanic Holocaust and Theft of Hawaii Sacred Lands

Eric West vows to weed-out the bad actors in Lahaina “Green-New-Deal” Land-Grab

Submitted by HAROLD SAIVE | News Paradigm

VIDEO: Greg Reese Summary of MAUI-Lahaina Terrorist Crimes Against Humanity

Eric West Vows to Weed-out the Bad Actors in Lahaina “Green-New-Deal” Land-Grab

(July 17 2023) Proclamation Related to Housing – Officer of the Governor, State of Hawaii (PDF)

Crime boss Governor plans to allow multiple island billionaires exclusive access to determine how the island will be a BUILD BACK BETTER (Daily Mail)

Maui High Performance Computing Center (MHPCC)


Maui Wildfires and the Theft of Sacred Hawaiian Land

So far it is estimated that nearly a thousand people have died. Several people are reporting that the government is not only doing little to help, but they are blocking local efforts to do so. At some point I will make a major donation after all of the smoke and ashes have settled.

Survivors of the Maui fire say that they received no warning and that the flames appeared so quickly that escape was difficult. Everything was suddenly in flames and many found refuge in the ocean for hours while their homes burned to the ground and into the same powdery ash foot print we’ve seen in recent years.

So far it is estimated that nearly a thousand people have died. Locals are worried. This includes hundreds of children who were home due to school being canceled that day. Several people are reporting that the government is not only doing little to help, but they are blocking local efforts to do so and are not allowing local donations through. And that they are blocking life saving medicine because it isn’t federally approved. Denying people access to bring in supplies, just supplies for people to live.

The government withholding every single one of our donations because we are not a part of FEMA and Red Cross. So none of this is eligible for giving out. Tell me why. I have no freaking clue. The people of Maui are on their own for now. And aside from the federal government’s bureaucratic failure, they have good reason to be suspicious. Just like what we saw five years ago in Paradise, California. There was nothing normal about these fires. Within a day of burning it was like a bomb went off. When you see the full extent of the destruction of the high neck, it will shock you. It does appear like a bomb and fire went off. If I may and all of those buildings virtually are going to have to be rebuilt. It will be a new Lahaina.

Local residents have been reporting bright flashes of light. One was captured by a home security camera that appears to have been the start of the Olinda fire. Many people are saying that it was directed energy weapons. We know that most major governments already have them. And during the California fires, online weather maps recorded what looks like a laser from above striking an area just before it bursts into flames.

In his research, Dennis Mills discovered that the incendiary aluminum and barium nanodust from Chemtrails is most likely fueling the ferocity of today’s so called super wildfires. And on the day before the Maui fires broke out, locals were reporting a heavy overcast from chemtrailing that they’d never seen before. It’s also interesting to note that the Maui police chief was the incident commander for the Las Vegas mass shooting in 2017.

La Hyena is considered to be a historic and sacred land. It was the capital of the kingdom of Hawaii before it.

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