These are the most powerful and destructive weapons in the world today…..

…and, still, very few folks even know
they’re being attacked?!?!?!?!

The last three major hurricanes to hit the US all stuck Florida WITH HIGHLY PURPOSEFUL DESIGN.

Submitted by The Weather Watcher
State of the Nation

People, go watch the videos of the utter destruction in the wake of Hurricane Michael that was aimed at Florida in October of 2018.

Awesome Damage Wrought by Geoengineered Weather Weapon
Known as Hurricane Michael (Video)

Then check out the videos of the catastrophic damage cause by Hurricane Ian last September throughout Southwest Florida.

Next, view the photos of the pervasive devastation wrought by Hurricane Andrew in 1992, south of Miami.  Also view the photos of the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan that targeted Pensacola Florida in September 2004.

Now watch what the record storm surge does to the Florida’s west coast as a consequence of Cat 4 Hurricane Idalia.

What’s the critical point?

None of these storms was natural.  All of them were geoengineered superstorms designed to inflict maximum damage on a targeted coastline.

These weaponized weather events were actually military weather weaponry experiments each using different techniques and/or progressively increasing power as a barbaric test on both environment and people.

How do we know this?

Each of these storms has the hallmark signatures of a manufactured frankenstorm that is quite obviously steered and intensified at just the right time to catch the victimized communities completely off guard.

The only exception is the currently active Hurricane Idalia as it careens through the eastern Florida Panhandle.  While there seems to be no last minute trick to this mega-hurricane so far, it was quite quickly and methodically intensified into a Cat 4 and aimed at the single most vulnerable coastline in Florida.* See: Hurricane Idalia: 12-15 feet storm surge predicted for Florida’s Big Bend (Video)

*The Big Bend coastline of Florida, where Idalia is making landfall today, is well known to be the worst storm surge area IN THE WORLD.



One of the key elements in the brazen geoterrorist attack on Maui was the perfectly timed geoengineered Hurricane Dora.

The winds from that highly unusual storm fed the flames of the arson-triggered firestorms that burned down Lahaina.  Those high winds gave the NWO pyroterrorists plausible deniability, which has served them well in light of so much hard evidence of a full-blown, military-conducted geoterrorism operation throughout Maui on that fateful Tuesday, August 8, 2023.

Of course, the chaos and confusion from an overwhelming wind storm on a highly exposed island or coastal community provide further cover for the terrorists to commit all manner of sabotage and damage.

If they can take out a whole town in a flash like the NWO perps did in Maui, why do folks not see the same pattern with the unrelenting weather warfare directed at the Freedom State of Florida?!

Will Florida become the next Maui
this hurricane season?!

To be continued after Idalia passes over right our area here in North Florida.

The Weather Watcher
August 30, 2023
State of the Nation

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