Why does Hawaii’s former Housing Chief NANI MEDEIROS portray herself more like pole dancer than an administrator? (NOT A TRICK QUESTION)

Because she acted like a predatory and exploitative
NWO land-grabbing prostitute in the aftermath
of what is now known as the DEW-triggered
Hawaiian Holocaust, Maui Massacre and
Lahaina Inferno—THAT’S WHY!

Submitted by Maui Massacre Investigation Team
SOTN Exclusive

How coincidental was it that: the Hawaii State Government formed a 36-member housing development approval panel, which was created under an emergency proclamation in July, just before the fires broke out on Maui.  The DEW-triggered Lahaina Inferno totally devastated the town on August 8, 2023.

Such highly suspicious timing only serves to confirm that the Lahaina Inferno was carefully planned out to the very last detail.  And that it was designed as a HUGE land grab from start to finish.

However, the Alt Media’s immediate response to this NWO genocide and property-theft black operation clued many victims in to the malevolent globalist back story.  Everything that went wrong was perpetrated to go wrong ON PURPOSE on that dark day in Maui.  In so doing, the perps thought they would simply steal everyone’s land and real estate in order to implement their various UN agenda goals.  However, things are not working out so well for the land grabbers and genocidal maniacs.

Hawaii Housing Chief NANI MEDEIROS

Now check out the Linkedin page for Housing Chief NANI MEDEIROS below.

Isn’t there something very, VERY wrong with that picture?

READ HERE: Hawaii’s Housing Chief Resigns after Confrontation over
Potential State Land Grab

Everything points to NANI MEDEIROS being carefully selected and groomed for her hatchet-man position.  After all, cunningly stealing land from people who just suffered the greatest loss of property and possessions is an extremely cruel and nefarious and ugly thing to do.

Medeiros’ perfidious performance shown in the following video only validates that she was chosen to carry out the most treacherous part of this entire black operation.  Then, when she was called out for her scandalous misconduct, she did what every narcissistic sociopath does: she and her boss, Governor Joshua Green, falsely accused her perfect foil —  popular professional mixed martial art fighter B.J. Penn — of  ‘despicalbe behavior’.

As you can see from the previous video presentation, Penn did not exhibit even a hint of bullying behavior, he just told the raw truth in a way that government hack hates.

Talk about D E S P I C A B L E ! ! !

What the Hawaiian governments — ALL LEVELS — have perpetrated against its own residents is nothing less than a genocide, quickly followed by a land theft attempt conducted before anyone had a chance to think about their crime spree.

Maui Massacre Investigation Team
State of the Nation
September 12, 2023

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