Will Biden invoke the National Emergencies Act to cancel the 2024 POTUS election?

Cheating Democrats will simply not
accept a 2024 POTUS election loss… 

…which means there are only two


Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

There has never been, nor will there ever be, such a screwed up POTUS election cycle.  We’re talking about the ultimate Democrat-discombobulated clusterf*ck; that is, if there even is an election held on Tuesday, November 5, 2024.

Just why is that?

Because there are only two outcomes that the incorrigible Democrat fraudsters will tolerate after painstakingly engineering them.  “Incorrigible” because they know that they cannot win the elections necessary fairly to hold any majorities except by way of massive fraud, pervasive corruption and rampant criminality.

Just look at how the utterly desperate and brazen Democrats have attempted to indict Donald Trump out of the race Banana Republic-style.  Talk about totally unprecedented and unparalleled in U.S. history.  What a convulsive clusterf*ck!!!


Outcome Number 1: If there is a POTUS election held, the Democrats will only proceed on the basis that it will be stealthily stolen from the Republicans.  After all, the Donkey Party has no viable candidate(s) at this late date (only a bunch of braying donkeys like Harris and Newsom). And certainly there is no one who can tally upwards of 82,000,000 stolen votes.  In other words, just as Joe Biden stole 2020, the DNC must steal 2024 to claim the Oval Office on Inauguration Day.  There is absolutely no other way the Democrats can win but through a naked election theft, which would make the immense fraud much harder to pull off than 2020.  The election theft cover-up would likewise require a herculean effort in light how many voters on the Right are now monitoring election integrity issues.

Outcome Number 2: If the Democrat Party comes to the firm conclusion that the 2024 POTUS Election cannot be outright stolen and then effectively covered up, the Biden administration will conjure up some transparently false pretext to call off the election altogether.  In that situation, the Democrat incumbent will claim some fictitious right to occupy the Oval Office as per some interpretation of some variation of the National Emergencies Act*.  In this manner, the communist-run Democrat Party will attempt to begin the imposition of their long-planned totalitarian tyranny that would likely involve some sort of bolshevik-style revolution.  All of the constant chaos, confusion and conflict has been manufactured toward that end—creating a conducive national environment for a somewhat veiled armed takeover of the American Republic.

As for the unconstitutional invocation of the National Emergencies Act, the following article explains exactly how the NWO globalist perps will attempt to get away with that egregious abuse of Executive Branch power: BEWARE! THE TRIPLE WHAMMY Of 2023

Did we miss anything?

~~~ End of Story ~~~

The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation
September 14, 2023

SOTN Editor’s Note: The bottom line here is that 2024 is either fraudulently called off or fraudulently stolen because that’s all the Democrats know how to do at this point of their quadrennial crimes sprees.  However, there is one other possibility that could be triggered by the DNC: BIG MIKE Is Preparing to Enter the 2024 Race According to Obama Insider

Then there is the critical timing of such a major move to ditch Biden and Harris and Newsom by launching BIG MIKE.  As follows:

SUPER PSYOP ALERT! Biden will not budge until the very last moment when Big Mike will undergo the least amount of ultra-intense campaign season scutiny…which is exactly why Tucker did the Obama is “gayer than Liberace” and was a coke addict to boot as a pre-emptive strike.


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