Mr. Kennedy, where are you?

An Open Letter To Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Dear Mr. Kennedy,

You have bravely run Children’s Health Defense for nearly 16 years now.

Today, we are all witnessing the horrible deaths of and injuries to thousands of Palestinian children in Gaza.

Where are you, sir?

We have heard barely a peep out of you since this terrible war started on October 7th.

Have you not read the headlines about the war on the Palestinians living in Gaza?  For example:

GAZA: 3,195 Children Killed in Three Weeks Surpasses Annual Number
of Children Killed in Conflict Zones since 2019

Even the historically slow-reacting UN is sounding the alarm about this now transparent genocide.

Palestinians Face Genocide: UN Experts

In closing, may we say that your silence is deafening!  Truly deafening in the moment of greatest need of the Palestinian children in Gaza.

Doesn’t Children’s Health Defense advocate on behalf of all the children in the world?

Is genocide perpetrated within a theater of war not within the remit of your child advocacy organization?

Mr. Kennedy, where are you?

READER RESPONSE: “He’s in Beverly Hills with his wife Sheryl Hines
and her woke friends along with his CIA daughter-in-law/campaign
Amaryllis Fox!


A Group of Very Concerned Ex-Democrats

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