Everything points to a 9/11-level false flag terrorist attack and global psyop this November.

Submitted by A Veteran Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer
SOTN Exclusive


We have an unusual convergence of extremely dangerous circumstances within the Zio-Anglo-American Axis which requires an immediate reaction by The Powers That Be.  Remember, their default Ordo ab Chao strategy is always Problem~Solution~Reaction.

The 3 primary predicaments now exist in Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom as follows:

(1) The Zionist State of Israel must distract the whole world from their ongoing genocide of the Palestinians and naked Gaza land grab.  Netanyahu also must distract the Israeli citizenry from his unjustifiable and gross failure to protect the nation from the Hamas ‘surprise attacks’, even though it was his administration that staged them for many reasons.  Most importantly, it’s now necessary for the apartheid regime in Tel Aviv to stage a terror operation to somehow convince the world community of nations that the Muslim/Arab sphere poses a very dangerous threat to everyone … even though it’s the CIA-MI6-MOSSAD terror group and NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) that are really behind all of the biggest and most shocking mass casualty events worldwide.

(2) The United States must fabricate a set of justifications for supporting the Palestinian genocide and Gaza land grab with both massive financial and military aid in view of the the pro-Palestinian protests now occurring across the USA.  Also, POTUS imposter Joe Biden is in very serious trouble at the polls which will only get worse until Election Day, so major distraction is direly needed.  Most significantly, the American ZOG desperately needs to lock the place down however they can if they are to be successful in stealing the 2024 POTUS election as well as the many key congressional races (that is, if there even is an election).  The Biden administration and U.S. Intelligence Community have also decided that Biden’s last year in office is perhaps the last and/or best opportunity to completely cancel the Second Amendment; which means an unparalleled series of false flag mass shootings as we have seen an uptick throughout 2023, but now with outrageous body counts.    

(3) The United Kingdom is literally coming apart at the seems because of the high number of Muslim immigrants who have legally relocated there over several decades.  London is now correctly referred to as Londonstan and the metro area is now a hotbed of pro-Palestinian protests and anti-Israeli demonstrations.  The present government is between a rock and a hard place since the Rothschild-controlled Parliament systematically created this quagmire with no way out but HUGE distractions.  Only by means of a horrifying terror operation pulled off by MI5, MI6 and the British military can the government hope to preclude the current crisis from turning into a national conflagration.  And that does not exclude the distinct possibility of a series of terrorist attacks, especially in London, Manchester and Birmingham where the highest concentration of Muslims reside.   

In light of these long-festering wounds within the pivotal countries within the global power structure, there really is no other way for TPTB to accomplish there New World Order agenda and Great Reset but to scare the entire planetary civilization into accepting a One World Government.  Which means that fear-mongering via unbridled
terrorism is their only way to achieve their nefarious NWO goals.  Especially facing the rapidly increasing blowback from the weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’ is their need to distract  getting desperate.  For the COVID-19 killshots, clotshots and cancershots are waking people up the world over.

The excerpt below from a recent SOTN post provides more context and purpose for what is about to transpire within the main rogue nations which comprise the true Axis of Evil.  What else can be expected when the Khazarian-controlled Empire of Lies is undergoing a free-fall collapse as evidenced by this little development: KHAZARIAN CABAL BANKRUPTS AMERICA: US Debt Interest Bill Rockets Past a Cool $1 Trillion a Year 

This stark reality makes the Zio-Anglo-American Axis terror group particularly dangerous for the foreseeable future … because they will do anything — ANYTHING WHATSOEVER — to win, and especially not to lose.  For the only way the Khazarian perpetrators can execute their numerous calamitous schemes is to manipulate their respective citizenries through extreme fear generated via multiple terrorist attacks at the level of 9/11.  Only in this fashion will the American people, the British and the Israelis be sufficiently coerced into supporting what is about occur in Israel and beyond. See: MAYDAY!!! “A new “Pearl Harbor” or “9/11″ in the immediate future, folks.”

Bottom Line: Prepare for anything and everything because it’s gonna get very crazy in Khazarianland which includes the entire planetary civilization in 2023.


Watch out, people!  … Everywhere and anywhere going forward.

More than ever, exercise SITUATIONAL AWARENESS like never before.

Because of the slowly emerging Zombie Apocalypse, walk away from anyone who is provocative, strange and/or violent.  See: “ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE”! Brought to you by the CDC

State of the Nation
November 8, 2023

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