Oxitec Mosquitos and the Bill Gates-Epstein-Harvard connection

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Cases of malaria are now being reported in Florida and this is after the company Oxitec released genetically modified mosquitos ostensibly to keep them from transmitting the virus. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation helps fund Oxitec. The MSM is, of course, running cover for Bill Gates and Oxitec. The crap-piece of an article mentions that the genetically modified mosquitos released are male and not the females which are the ones that suck blood and bite you. What it leaves out is that previous Oxitec mosquito experiments failed and that not only did some of the supposedly sterile males reproduce but that the gene alterations had shifted to the overall mosquito population.

The user LGBT (Leftists Get Bullets Too) from Twitter and Odyssey has revealed an even more troubling aspect to this. The technology that led to the creation of the genetically altered mosquitos is called gene drive. It allows genetic traits to be passed down to offspring 100% of the time. Misused it can destroy entire species and ruin ecosystems. Scientists also warned against their potential use as a bioweapon. LGBT notes that Jeffrey Epstein was heavily involved with the Harvard Program for Evolutionary Dynamics. Sure enough, Harvard is involved in creating gene drive technology. Read to the end to see some of LGBT’s fantastic work on the topic.

Upon research I immediately found that the Wyss Institute at Harvard was involved in gene drives. This adds another element to the Epstein connection. Hansjorg Wyss is accused of sexual assault and was once part of a lawsuit for committing illegal and deadly human experimentation. Five elderly patients were killed by injecting bone cement into their spine. Four people were jailed for this but Hansjorg Wyss, the owner of the company, got away scot-free. Wyss is also notable for his being a huge donor to Arabella Advisors, the Democrat dark money group.

Epstein-backed Harvard geneticist George Church plans DNA-based dating ...
(George Church and Jeffrey Epstein)

Now for the link Wyss has to Jeffrey Epstein. Gene drive technology was first created by Kevin Esvelt and George Church. “George McDonald Church was a founding member of the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard… He lists the nonprofit Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, a private foundation established by convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, as a source of funding. According to George Church’s Harvard website, this funding started in 2005 and continues to the present.” Source.

So, to sum up, Oxitec released genetically modified mosquitos in Florida that were created with research funded by Hanjorg Wyss who works with Epstein eugenicist scientist George Church. God help us all!


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