How to easily flip an election and what to look for to catch the players.

by Walter Burien

The 1st step is to create a situation where mail in ballots are substantially increased.

As is the example for Arizona, when getting a mail in ballot, you get an envelope with your name and a bar code on it, you must sign the envelope, put your telephone number and address on it, then fill in the ballot with your voting choices, put the ballot in the envelope, and mail it. The County I live in, Apache County, AZ, the envelope with the ballot in it goes to the County Recorder, the envelope is scanned showing you voted, it is then opened, the ballot is removed and stacked with others, then those stacks of ballots are sent to the elections official for tabulation.

Once that ballot is removed from the envelope, it is gone. There is no identifying mark on that ballot to show it was from you.

So, if corruption is involved to flip an election from Trump to Biden, those stacks if gone through, and lets say 1000 Trump votes were pulled and replaced with 1000 Biden votes, that just changed the vote tally by 2000 (1000- trump, 1000+ Biden = 2000 difference in the tally). A recount of the ballots then is meaningless being you are just recounting the flipped count.

How do you slam them to the wall if this was done?

Every county needs to be checked immediately as to there overage of blank ballots. EXAMPLE: If a County was sent 30,000 blank ballots and sent out 18,000, that means they should have 12,000 blank ballots remaining. If the shenanigans as mentioned above were done, and say they filled in 4,000 blank ballots for Biden and swapped them out with Trump ballots, then the overage of blank ballots would only be 8,000.

This would show the intentional use of 4000 blank ballots to flip election results. THEY NEED TO BE PUT ON NOTICE immediately that their overage of ballots are to be counted otherwise they might say: “Oh, it is after the election, we threw out our overage yesterday.” Even if they said that it would be highly irregular for them to throw out their overage which would be condemning in itself.

Again, if corruption was involved to flip an election, they would have to use legitimate ballots to switch the vote for the flip. Counting their overage should be an exact number based on what was actually mailed out.

If a large number of the overage is missing, it pretty much establishes they were used to facilitate a flip, the people in control of that overage need to be indicted when and if that fact of missing overage is established. If overages are missing from primarily Democratic strong holds or Republican Counties having Democratic officials running the show, that is strongly condemning also.

The only other way to establish a flip took place is to get the envelopes and contact each person who voted by mail in ballots to ask if they voted for Trump of Biden and if they are willing to sign by afidavit that they did so? Where a large percentage of the overage blank ballots are missing, this should be done as an extra step to enforce those indictments.

The Trump headquarters should get an immediate court order issued covering the National level for a count of the remaining overages County by County. Also establishing it would be in severe violation of the court order for any County not to provide for verification count their overage or to throw out that overage.

Again, if, or to flip an election via mail in ballots, they would need blank ballots to fill out and replace with the legal ballots received. Once those ballots leave the envelope they were mailed in, they are gone with no identifying mark as to the actual voter who sent in a ballot. In my case I scanned my ballot and put my initials on the lower right hand corner of each side of my ballot. So in Apache County, Arizona, in that large stack of ballots that were counted, there should be at least one with the initials “WJB” on the lower right hand corner of both sides, and I have a copy of that ballot to verify my vote and what was mailed in was my ballot.

I note in Apache County, almost every other yard had a Trump/Pence banner in the front yard, hundreds and I saw over the last several months only one Biden poster. Based on the vote “counted” in Apache county, it showed blue for Biden. Both the County Recorder and Election counting officials are Democratic.

If a flip was planed well in advance, those involved would have made sure to order substantially more ballots then they were planning to send out.

Please share this communication throughout your circles and send to the Trump officials if you know how to reach them.

Sent FYI and Truly Yours,

Walter J. Bubien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Home: (928) 458-5854 Arizona




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