Joe Biden’s Career of Plagiarism and Bald-faced Lies

Montage about Joe Biden lies and plagiarism cannot be ignored [Video]

Absolute WHOPPER lies on display tell a compelling truth: this isn’t the guy for the job.

by Seraphim Hanisch
The Duran

This is stunning. We all know the saying “you know a politician is lying by when his lips are moving” or various permutations of this. We have seen it in truth for a number of political figures. However, for Joe Biden, this is taken to a level that is so extreme, only selective forgetfulness and time can eliminate the memory… until someone dredges up those old clips again. Steve Turley presents this and it is an unusual video for him, because some of the advertisment and intro boilerplate is pushed aside for the sake of the content he wants to show, which begins at [02:45].

Watch this:

The most amazing “admission” is after Sen. Biden is caught lying about his education record in great detail… saying his memory failed him.

Does anybody else have problems remembering their own academic record?

And if you do have problems remembering it, do you consider yourself capable of being President?

Turley’s commentary notes that Biden lies when he is under pressure, and he lies in an extremely grandiose, off-the-wall fashion. Or, rather, he did when his brain was more viable. In recent years, he just challenges people to weightlifting or a fist fight. Or, maybe on a better day, an insulting accusation that the questioner is a drug addict, or full of s**t.

Come on, man!!!


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