The Looney Left & Their Planned Totalitarian Communist Tyranny

The Looney Left: From Oikopedia to Tyrannophilia

All the Madness and HATE is on the LEFT

By Mike Smith
19th of December 2020

What is Oikopedia?

In 2019 the Swedish academic Dr Benedict Beckeld wrote a very interesting article as a prelude to one of his upcoming books. You can read it here:

‘Oikophobia’: Our Western Self-Hatred by Benedict Beckeld

“Oikophobia”, you ask??

In Ancient Greek “oikos” and “phobos” put together kinda means to have an irrational fear of home or as Dr Beckeld calls it…”the intellectually bankrupt posture of oikophobia, the hatred or dislike of one’s own cultural home.”

In South Africa we are quite familiar with the term Xenophobia especially amongst blacks. They fear of foreigners…foreigners who our blacks frequently and regularly chase out of the country in horrific ways. Oikophobia is the opposite.

The term was coined in this sense by British philosopher Roger Scruton in 2004, in his book “England and the Need for Nations”. He calls oikophobia “the felt need to denigrate the customs, culture and institutions that are identifiably ‘ours.’”

Oikophobia and the Decline of the West

Beckeld’s article dovetails with my previous article about Spengler’s “The decline of the West”. In fact I must thank SA Suck’s Uhuru Guru for the inspiration and the interesting discussions about it.

Nevertheless, Beckeld sees “a civilization that has stopped believing in itself, that hates itself, and that is therefore unwilling to defend the values of individual freedom, democracy, and scientific and scholarly skepticism that have been handed down to us since antiquity.”

We see this phenomenon on a daily basis amongst these leftist creatures who have a disdain for their own culture, their own civilization and their own people.

When one asks, “How can it have come to such cultural self-hatred?” Dr Beckeld believes that there is an historical process that takes a society from naïve and self-promoting beginnings to self-contempt and decline.

According to Beckeld it is a repeating process that we can see from ancient Greece and Rome to the rise and fall of the Afrikaners.

In the beginnings you have a relatively uncivilized, uncultured people with great visions and untested strength who goes to war with their neighbours in the names of their deities. Initial successes lead to greater wealth and prestige until a national identity is forged. This is followed by a string of attachments that we associate with civilization…schools, libraries, theatres, universities, etc…which gives rise to poets, writers, scientists, scholars and philosophers.

Eventually the people reach the apex of their success with so much wealth that a permanent leisure class can be established and this era of greatest political power will generally coincide, more or less, with the pinnacle of the nation’s cultural and scientific achievements.

Eventually there is so much wealth going around and filtering down that people of all classes on the social ladder become more occupied with achieving higher states of wealth and prestige vis-à-vis their countrymen than they are with the health of the community itself.

South Africa reached this point around 1966, the time of Verwoerd’s death.

This is the point where Oikophobia sets in. Once people have defeated their external enemies and there are no more threats, they turn inwards and, because of different self-interests and petty differences, they start turning on each other in what Freud has called the “narcissism of small differences”.

Oikophobic Virtue Signallers in action

People start to become so petty that the newest cellphone, a particular car or clothing brand or even the virtue signaling of supporting a specific charity or race group proves that “I am better than you”.

Eventually a kind of God-complex sets in where rejecting one’s own culture as backward, one automatically sets oneself above all the other interests that are parts of that culture.

See, in the beginning when the people have nothing, they are more reliant on each other for survival, but the more success they achieve and the richer they become the less they are dependent on each other and the more they think they don’t need each other. Eventually it turns to open disdain of each other.

In the political sphere one sees that the Oikophobes drift more towards the Left in various grades of disdain and that non-oikophobes and, in some cases, xenophobes and anti-oikophobic reactionaries dominate in right-wing areas.

Eventually the people are so pre-occupied with internal squabbles that they do not project an outward image of unified force anymore. This is when their enemies lose their fear and respect for the people and conquer them.

As Dr Beckeld says, “The perennial doom of Western societies is that early on, many people tend to be more conservative, and later on, many people tend to be more progressive, the exact opposite of what is needed.”

What can we do about Oikophobia? 

When one reads Dr Beckeld’s article it becomes clear what needs to be done in order to save our civilization. We need a stronger drift towards the RIGHT.

In fact, in the decade before Covid-19, we saw exactly that. The Obama years gave the Right enough ammunition to nail the Left and swing people across the world around.

We saw the rise of Russian nationalism…nationalism in Hungary, Poland, Golden Dawn in Greece…even in Western European countries we saw Right-wing parties on the rise…the FPÖ in Austria, the AfD in Germany, the PVV in the Netherlands and Front Nationale in France.

It appeared as if there was hope for the West after all.

But then something happened. With the election of Donald Trump in 2016 we saw the full might of the Leftist Oikophobic machine kicking in.

Leftist, biased media, Leftist biased, social media, politicians, actors, celebrities, activists and billionaires…all uniting in a desperate large ditch attempt to prevent the saving of the Western World from their clutches and in fact, destroy it once and for all.

A destruction that they have worked on and propagated for, like Samuel P. Huntington said in his book, “The Clash of Civilizations”, ever since the end of WWII.

Singer Cher callled Trump an asshole. J.K Rowling said that Voldemort was never near as bad as Trump. Madonna said she wanted to blow up the White House.

Never in the history of Western Civilization have we seen the likes of BLF, Antifa, Soros, Gates, Hollywood, et al, hate a president so much as they hate Donald Trump.

Redefining Leftist Hatred

It is such an irrational HATRED that I have to disagree with Dr. Beckeld’s name for this phenomenon. This is not a “Phobia”…these people are not afraid of the West or their own civilization. It is a “Misia”…from the Ancient Greek word “Misos” (hatred) or “Miseo” (to hate).

The word should not be, “Oikophobia”, but rather “Oikomisia”, because it is an intense, irrational hatred of the West…of their own civilization.

But we see this going even further. Dr. Jamie Glazov wrote about it in his book, “United in Hate: The Left’s romance with tyranny and terror”.

This madness of the Left is beyond mere hatred of their own culture (“Oikomisia”). It is beyond a mere love of foreign culture (Xenophilia).

It is “Tyrannophilia”…the love of tyrants and terror (from Ancient Greek “tyrannos”).

These Leftists do not just hate the West or a lover of the West and Western Civilisation such as Donald Trump. They are madly in love with Communist Tyrants such as Stalin, Pol Pot, Xi Jinping and Angela Merkel.

It is one thing to say that the Left has a disdain for or even hates the Christian religion, but that is not where it stops; they LOVE and embrace everything that is against Christianity, that Christianity rejects…abortion, homosexuality, multiculturalism, egalitarianism, moral relativism, etc.

They are hypocritical. They will be against the death penalty for murder, but sing the praises of Leftist mass murderer’s like Stalin, Mao and Mandela. They will be feministic and pretend to fight for the rights of women, but totally ignore the oppression of women in Islamic and African cultures. So, I can go on. It is an all consuming hatred of everything that is good and a love of everything that is evil.


As 2020 draws to a close and we sink further into the Leftist tyranny of Oikomisia and Medical Totalitarianism, it becomes more urgent for us to not let our guard down and fight the dying of the Western Light. In a time where the Left wants to undermine our civilisation, our democracies, take away our freedoms and force their Evil on us…we should show a bigger love of our culture, our values and those things that have made Western Civilisation great…the freest, fairest and most prosperous civilisation this world has ever seen.

Have a Great Christmas. See you next year. 


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