Contributed by Alexandra Bruce

Big Tech’s Kristallnacht continued on Saturday, as those fleeing Twitter for an unbiased alternative in Parler found that both Apple and Google had removed the Parler app from their stores – just as Parler surged to the number one most downloaded app.

Later that evening, Amazon de-platformed the Parler website from their AWS hosting service. Because the current social media censorship purge is not Gab’s first rodeo and Gab owns their own servers, I recommend Gab as the best alternative social media site at the moment, where you can find me at: @FKTV. Gab received over 500,000 new users on Saturday and it is having some growing pains but it is still much more functional and stable than Parler at this time.

The justification for the purge is the so-called “storming” of the Capitol, in which a rag tag group of Antifa, Vanilla ISIS and Special Forces were seen on video being waved into the building by Capitol Police.

On January 8th, Gen Thomas McInerney stated that Special Forces had infiltrated the group that “stormed” the Capitol and seized Nancy Pelosi’s laptop and this is why she is more discombobulated and incoherent than usual, calling for Trump’s impeachment, etc. The laptop allegedly contains wildly incriminating material and is rumored to show that she was communicating with members of the CCP before scrambling into the hardened catacombs beneath the Capitol.

Let’s not forget that Susan Rosenberg, who sits on the board of Black Lives Matter actually bombed the US Capitol in 1983 in an attempt to kill Republicans. Yet she is widely lionized and BLM received billions in corporate donations in 2020.

Superlawyer, Lin Wood, who was de-platformed from Twitter on Friday parlayed warnings to iPhone users on Parler to turn off their automatic system updates, as the next auto-update will remove the Emergency Broadcast System from their phones. He said if the President makes an announcement, it may be through the EBS, due to an impending communications blackout.

So did Devin Nunes, who told followers to text “FREEDOM” to 98078 to subscribe to his text alerts. (The texting system is independent of telephone and internet communications).


Retired CIA Field Officer, Robert David Steele posted a video on Bitchute that appears to have since been set to private (so I can no longer embed it here), warning that ATMs, the internet and credit card processing may go down Sunday or Monday for five days and that we should prepare ourselves for this likelihood.

He also discussed the rumor that Italian President Conte has been arrested for his role in the theft of the 2020 Elections:

“Italy was the final piece needed to counter the NATO war on the United States of America, led by the United Kingdom. The President of Italy was apparently, I’m told, an agent of MI6 and he put the full services of the Italian government in support of a covert MI6 operation against the President of the United States of America and against our entire electoral process…

“So, we’re going to go from today until the 19th of January. I don’t know if President Trump will be re-inaugurated on the 19th, 20th or 21st but I’m told that everything that he needs to do in order to break the back of the Deep State will be done while he is still President under his first term – which is to say, before the 19th.

“From the 19th, for another 90 days, through to about 4 March is an entire new phase of clean-up. I am not privy to the details but I will tell you this: I am absolutely confident that President Trump is backed-up by the US Military, by law enforcement, by pastors, by of course, the Trump movement, 80% of America and I think this is going to have a happy ending.

“In the meantime, be ready to have 5 days of no cash, no credit cards and no internet.”


There’s chatter stemming from the Zoom call I posted on the 6th between Maria Strollo Zack and several others, including Trump’s ex-wife, Marla Maples and their daughter, Tiffany about the pivotal role of the Italian government in the the alleged 2020 Election fraud operation, in which Italian defense contractor, Leonardo and their communications satellites forwarded US election data from Frankfurt, Germany to Italy, where members of MI6, CIA and the Leonardo group built the algorithms to switch votes from Trump to Biden.

Zack claims that Obama’s infamous $1.7 billion Iran deal, of which $400 million was delivered as 14 pallets of cash, the latter was, in turn deposited in various accounts for the purpose of unraveling the Trump Presidency, including swinging the 2020 Election for Biden.

Zack claims to have the financial records to prove this and says Italian intelligence “has provided us with the intercepts, phone calls, and shockingly, pictures of CIA agents involved in orchestrating this…

“They have lost, [but] they just don’t know it yet. We are preparing the documentation, with intercepts and photos and documentation on how this entire thing occurred…It’s not debatable. It is rock solid…proof of a flawless plot to take down America [that] was executed with extraordinary resources and global involvement.”

An Italian judge has already filed an investigation, with Obama as a central focus and senior IT experts have already testified in Italian federal court, she said.

It is probably not coincidental that the suspension of President Donald Trump’s Twitter account – and the termination of many other patriot accounts (including my own) across social media occurred just as this story was breaking. This was likely to prevent the information from getting out, at least before Biden’s inauguration.

Ann Vandersteel has the full report in this video.


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