OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: Another False Flag, Mass Casualty Event Staged By All The Usual Suspects


A Stealthy NWO Conspiracy to Establish
a Global Orwellian Superstate

Who’s really behind the panic and why now?

State of the Nation

Let’s be very real: Anything, and EVERYTHING, that’s hyped by the Mainstream Media (MSM) in the Trumpian Era is “utterly fake and fabricated”.

What very few realize is that “fake news” has been prolifically disseminated by America’s corporate media since the first newspapers went to print.  However, in today’s environment, transparently fake news and naked propaganda are being propagated without any attempt to hide it.  Today, virtually every single major news report is written or delivered in a misleading manner.

The following excellent analysis lays bare one of the most obvious examples of today’s mendacious and pathetic journalism:

The Utterly Fake and Fabricated Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020

Of course, the CIA’s Mockingbird Media has always been about one thing: PURPOSEFUL MISREPRESENTATION…about every topical and historical event of any import or significance.

The Company, headquartered in Langley, Virginia, has systematically used lies and propaganda, deceit and deception, cover-up and equivocation, manipulation and cunning, distortion and prevarication in the process of that “purposeful misrepresentation” by the MSM.  This is just what the C.I.A. has always done from day one, which goes by to it founding at least 1947.

*The Central Intelligence Agency is well-known as The Company throughout intelligence circles worldwide because of their ironclad control over all publicly-traded companies, especially the Fortune 5000 companies.

The Company was set up not only as global intelligence operation using companies like Coca Cola to gather intel from the far-flung corners of the world, the enforcement agency also dictates a highly controlled narrative through every form of mainstream and alternative media within the extensive Zio-Anglo-American Axis.  Very few understand that even most of the Alt Media platforms today are either owned and operated by The Company or they are tightly controlled by remote.

Media-Manufactured Coronavirus Panic

With this critical knowledge regarding the globalist-controlled C.I.A., it ought to be much easier to comprehend the sheer depth and breadth of the ongoing New World Order conspiracy known as the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic (i.e. COVID-19).

This supposedly raging pandemic, we are told, is the BIG ONE.  It’s the plague that will end all plagues.  Because of its extreme virulence and high mortality rate, it may even prove to be a full-blown ELE (Extinction Level Event), so they say.

Really, where did this narrative come from so quickly … and seemingly out of nowhere.  We’re talking about the ultimate Black Swan with the capability of re-ordering the entire planetary civilization.

Make no mistake about it: such a profound and pervasive global event as the coronavirus pandemic has become as political as it gets.

In point of fact, the political repercussions of this complex international hoax are so far-reaching and life-altering that it has to be the brainchild of the New World Order globalist cabal.  How could it not be?!

And, the single best way to understand this emerging false reality is to answer the question: Cui bono?

Really, who benefits the most from this exceedingly elaborate scheme to remake the international order, via Ordo Ab Chao, into a “Global Orwellian Superstate”?  As follows:

Coronavirus & the Global Orwellian State (Video)

There is nothing else that can be made to look so HUGE, so scary, so overwhelming which permits The Powers That Be to take complete control of the world community of nations so quickly and with such finality than a wholly manufactured coronavirus pandemic.

KEY POINT: The Wuhan coronavirus pandemic is just the latest of numerous NWO projects designed to fearmonger us to death or into a new vaccine regimen.  The first two coronavirus outbreaks — SARS & MERS — were also hyped with a vengeance by the Mockingbird Media.  Those two black ops were practice runs for this third and final attempt (via COVID-19) to lock down the whole planet.  Clearly, judging by the list below, the perpetrators have taken many opportunities to perfect this particular NWO strategy of “shock and awe” via bioterrorism.

The preceding historical record proves that the NWO cabal has been on a serious mission for at least 20 years.  They have always had a fascination with biological weapons because of how well they can be used to scaremonger everyone in Creation.  By fastidiously bioengineering a deadly frankenvirus, which they could rapidly morph and mutate into a Super-virus practically overnight, they have been able to stage a totally captivating global pandemic drama with relative ease.

Is there anyone on the planet who’s not sitting on the edge of their seat right now?!

This whole thing is unfolding like the most mesmerizing DISASTER MOVIE of all time!  Which is exactly how they contrived it.

Black ops & Psyops

Look it, people, think 9/11.

Go read the ridiculous 9/11 Commission Report.   Then read this: INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE CONFIRMS: 9/11 was both an “Inside Job” and “Mossad Job”.  If you really want to know 9/11 truth watch this raw video or delve into this radioactive data dump: The Pentagon Was Hit By A Cruise Missile From The US Military Arsenal

Think about the absurd Global Warming scam that continues unabated to this very day.

Then read Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2

Think Holocaust—a transparent HOLOHOAX that continues today, 75 years later, as an extremely profitable “Holocaust Industry” for the so-called victims.

Then read A Jewish French Doctor Demolishes the Holohoax as a Zionist Conspiracy to Deceive the World

Think Russiagate! Really, a conclusively proven fraud by their own evidence and complete lack of evidence.  Wow!  And they still push it whenever they can!  WOW ! ! !

What’s to read about the Russiagate hoax when the MSM networks are still an enormous echo-chamber for that ludicrous sham.

Think JFK!  And they carried out that exposed coup d’état in broad daylight.

Then go read the patently flawed Warren Commission Report.  Then read this: JFK Assassination: Classic C.I.A. EXECUTION PLAN and COVER-UP

Think Barack Hussein Obama—a stone-cold Manchurian Candidate who didn’t even have a real birth certificate, so they forged one!

Then see the Scientific Evidence: Obama Birth Certificate Copy Proven Fake And Forged

Think Oklahoma City bombing where a patsy was electrocuted for a fertilizer bomb that could barely blow up the van much less the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

Then view the irrefutable proof here: Oklahoma City Bombing: All the Evidence Points to the U.S. Federal Government

Think about the comically faked Apollo Moon Landings—what a laughable reality show that was.

Then be sure to watch the videos of the phony astronauts bouncing up and down on the lunar surface here; they’re totally hysterical.  Doubters should also read APOLLOgate: The Greatest Conspiratorial Fraud Ever Committed by the U.S. Federal Government (Photos)

Do you get it?

Now we are watching the next in a never-ending series of fear-mongering events — the “Coronavirus Pandemic & Panic” — an unparalleled global melodrama fraught with countless conspiratorial plots, shocking scandals and dastardly deeds.

Just take another close look at the list above and consider what the same criminal cabal has already done (and gotten away with) over several decades!  These crackerjack NWO illusionists are truly masters of deception.  That’s because they have perfected the use of so many powerful and pervasive weapons of mass deception.

The key takeaway here is twofold: First, that it’s the very same perpetrators behind all of these real conspiracies, contrived scandals and epic frauds.  If they were able to get away with each of those nefarious schemes listed above, what won’t they attempt to do now and in the future.

Secondly, just like the Global Climate Change scam which has been running for many years, this new bioengineered pandemic is an immense and well-orchestrated stunt that will either take over or subordinate all other 2020 global agendas. More than that, the coronavirus outbreaks in each and every country will drive all the major national agendas and co-opt them so that the overarching NWO pandemic agenda reigns supreme.

In this fashion, the long-planned Global Control Matrix will be stealthily shoehorned into place as a precursor to the establishment of a totalitarian One World Government.

What’s the most critical point?

That there’s a particular tribe of consummate directors, producers and screenwriters who can create virtually any of hoax and make it look very real.  They frequently do this by blending part reality and part hoax so that teasing out the truth becomes an exercise in futility for even the top super-sleuths.

That this exceedingly dangerous tribe of control freaks has successfully produced the biggest box office smash of the millennium — THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC — pushing everything else way below in the box office ratings, is a glaring testament to their absolute control over all levers of mundane power.

What an international blockbuster THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC has become literally overnight!

The NWO Agenda

Now, it’s of paramount importance to understand both the covert objectives of the New World Order agenda as well as how this meticulously staged pandemic drama will accomplish many of the major overt goals of globalism.

What follows is an excellent breakdown of just Seven NWO Goals Driving the Manufactured Coronavirus Pandemic.

Then there is this more comprehensive list of 16 NWO goals and objectives, all of which are quite conveniently accomplished via this increasingly over-blown pandemic.

OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: 16 Reasons for the Deployment of this Devastating Bioweapon in 2020

In light of the revelations presented in the two preceding exposés, it should now be painfully obvious that what we are all really witnessing is: OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC (OCP).

OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC is actually a continuing series of black ops including numerous acts of bioterrorism.  Let’s be very clear: this OCP is a carefully planned, highly coordinated, efficiently executed and expertly covered up global bioterrorist operation conducted by the Zio-Anglo-America Intelligence Community.

Who else could carry out such a dizzying array of bioterror dramas across the planet so successfully and in such a short time?  More significantly, who could possibly maintain the numerous cover-ups in real-time and continue to keep them well-hidden today and beyond … … … just like the same perps did with the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks up to this very day?

Perhaps the single best way to view the series of bioterrorist acts conducted against China in December of 2019 and up until today is as a Chinese 9/11.  However, the cataclysmic event staged in Wuhan, China goes way beyond a Chinese 9/11.  Not only have they deliberately paralyzed China’s economy, the globalists are poised to wreck the world economy.  As a matter of comparative history, what the perps really did in China in 2020 is exponentially greater than what they did in the United States on September 11, 2001 and its aftermath.

Wuhan Coronavirus Bioterrorist Attack Is China’s 9/11, Same Perps

PSYOP: Coronavirus Pandemic & Panic

Now we come to the crux of this analysis of OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC.

Clearly, this immense undertaking by the globalists is yet another false flag, mass casualty event conceived to generate a global panic attack.  And so it has!

That “global panic attack” is now the central pillar of a worldwide psyop the likes of which this race of humanity has never seen before.  You name it, the perps are busy unleashing one psychological operation after another across the planet in order to create an adequate level of collective PTSD.  This is only one of their real goals along with manufacturing so much distraction no one can think straight anymore.

With each passing week the evidence stacks up which proves that much of what we see and hear is being choreograph and orchestrated by the Pentagon-CIA-Hollywood Complex.  Yes, these 3 criminal entities have worked closely together for decades and even have even been given the statutory power (which was unconstitutionally approved by Congress under Obama) to stage OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC. See: “FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA Produced by the Department of Defense

Exactly what is the proof, which has been rapidly accumulating by the day, that undeniably shows “There’s something very wrong with the ‘coronavirus pandemic’“.

Really, there are so many blatant inconsistencies and contradictions being presented by the MSM that it must occurring with purposeful design.

The profusion of CIA-scripted disinfo, misinfo and false info issued by the Mockingbird Media is yet another red flag that the perps are throwing anything and everything out there that might stick.

The following psyop assessment provides plenty of indisputable evidence that the entire human race is now being conned—BIG TIME!

Six Ways Why Coronavirus® Fails the Sniff Test


There can only be one conclusion to this geopolitical analysis which doubles as a scathing indictment: that the coronavirus pandemic is being quite dramatically staged to stampede all of humanity into a pen of extreme fear in order to sufficiently manufacture consent.  Only with the consent of We the People can the globalists implement a highly impactful series of diverse draconian measures which will manifest as oppressive governmental controls, forced vaccination schedules, international travel restrictions and other national political initiatives taken toward the formation of a One World Government RULED BY YOU KNOW WHO.

KEY POINT: Remember, we are dealing with an incorrigible clique of criminally insane psychopaths who are hellbent on taking over the world by any means necessary.  Because of the magnitude and scope of this international criminal conspiracy, all of the usual suspects had to be involved.  Hence, whoever is really running this op from the very top had to pull out all the stops.

There’s only one tribal power in the world today that possesses the worldwide reach, financial wherewithal and political clout to pull off such a “maggiore operazione”.  Some investigators have identified the International Banking Cartel and/or the Black Nobility .  Others have conjectured the Illuminati families and the Committee of 300; while many have incriminated the Khazarian Mafia.  What most fail to realize is that all of these international crime syndicates are controlled by the same overlords. See: The KHAZARIAN MAFIA: You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know!

These highly consequential conclusions demand answers to two questions.  The first is: Who has the comprehensive command and control to pull off such a massive and convoluted hoax while maintaining a heavy-handed cover-up?

Answer: Nothing changes until those who secretly rule US are prosecuted for 9/11, JFK, OK City, 5G, Chemtrails, Vaccines….

The second question that naturally follows is: Why are the NWO globalists so determined, and in such a hurry, to foist a One World Government upon humanity at this point in world history?

As for the answer to the second question, it’s a little more complicated since there are awesome powers are work which are much greater than the NWO globalists (who really think they run the world, when they really don’t). See: THE HIDDEN AND HIGHER PURPOSE BEHIND THE CORONAVIRUS

Bottom Line: Any conspicuously staged global pandemic proves the existence of a complex international criminal conspiracy which involves the Deep State of every nation targeted by The Powers That BeOPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANIC has all the hallmarks of the final NWO endeavor to lock down planet Earth. All the previous attempts were dry runs; this one is the real McCoy. Therefore, every person ought to take the necessary precautions where it concerns reducing their exposure to the bioengineered Wuhan coronavirus (i.e. COVID-19), as well as minimizing their exposure to 5G and all other wireless technologies.

State of the Nation
March 4, 2020

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