Just as many died from morphine during the Spanish Flu depop pandemic, are hospital doctors systematically killing elderly COVID-19 patients with powerful palliatives?

The Morphine Genocide: How the Fed-Med Mafia Kills Our Elderly with Palliative Care

by M.S. King (Author), Al Esposito (Author)

“The following account, written by author M S King in collaboration with and on behalf of co-author / narrator Al Esposito (a pseudonym) is not merely based on a true story. It IS a true story. One can disagree with the overall hypothesis and conclusions, of course, but the data points and events witnessed are all presented factually, with neither embellishment nor omission. Only the names, dates and places have been altered. The use of pseudonyms for the “Esposito” family serves only one purpose, namely, to shield the elderly Mr. Esposito from the harsh possibility that his wife, Maria, was indeed deliberately, unnecessarily, callously and deceptively railroaded into her grave. So, what should you care about the medical-murder of Maria Esposito? Doesn’t everyone have to go at some point? After all, she did live to the very ripe old age of 91. Get over it, Al! Well, neither she, nor her husband, not any of her children ever agreed to euthanizing a woman who was not terminal, not brain-damaged and not in pain. That makes it a case a murder by deception. Of greater interest to the reader, however, is the logical inference that follows such an allegation. You see, if this opinion is valid, then you or your own elderly parents may one day be targeted for deadly “Palliative Care” sedation upon entering an American hospice or hospital.”

This eye-opening exposé can be found at: https://www.amazon.com/Morphine-Genocide-Fed-Med-Elderly-Palliative/dp/1539185982

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