RED ALERT! It looks like the geoengineers are now steering hurricanes manufactured in the Pacific over the narrowest section of Mexico into the GOM to weather attack the conservative South…..

… and especially the highly independent and righteously rebellious state of Florida.

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VIDEO: Pacific Hurricane Agatha makes landfall in Mexico, could restrengthen to become Alex in Atlantic

Pacific Hurricane Agatha will likely help develop system in Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean this week

READ HERE: The consensus is that Florida will feel the effects of the system, whatever form it takes, very late in the week or over the weekend

The preceding screenshot from the NOAA National Hurricane Center website highlights the current path of Hurricane Agatha and the way it’s is being stealthily directed over the narrowest part of Mexico right into the Gulf of Mexico.  Remember: Hurricane “Agatha has become the strongest hurricane on record to make landfall in May in the eastern Pacific” ON PURPOSE!


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