There’s something is very wrong in Utah County, Utah…..

…and especially concerning the Utah County Attorney David Leavitt

Submitted by AB

Something just seems off here but I think this story is going to get big or people are going to get taken out.  Watch the video of the entire press conference below (on TGP) he arranged with local news in Utah to downplay the allegations made against he and his wife.  The press conference he arranged is to explain his innocence even prior to any allegations, charges, etc.  The charges are cannibalism, rape, and sex trafficking.  Not sure why you would hold a press conference to clear your name when you haven’t even been deemed a suspect.  Something is just not right here.   If it is for political gain that would be totally wrong, but I honestly don’t think that is the case after listening to the Sheriff Smith discuss the case.

Quick synopsis video from Fox13 local station

Entire Attorney Presser

Link to a written article regarding this trading of verbal barbs between the Sheriff and the State Attorney

The state Attorney works as a Delta Airlines bagger?  Does it for the free flights he says……..

Here’s Attorney Leavitt about the importance of his travels and work in Ukraine teaching law to their country.

I’m not sure who he’s referring to as the “anonymous donor” here in this audio clip……more research is needed.




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