This is what you get when you mix a German Neo-Nazi & Hitler Youth with a real Rothschild bankster who wants to be Dr. Strangelove. (Video)

This Is The Moment Klaus Schwab Seals His Future Execution!

Schwab Drops His Calm Demeanor And Reveals An Obvious Bald-Faced Lie!

Okay peeps… this is the moment that Schwab seals his future execution.  Listen to what he says… no one is safe until everyone is vaccinated. Now let’s dissect this false claim.

  1.  The ‘vaxx’ is still in EXPERIMENTAL PHASE.  How will we not be safe unless we all take part in an EXPERIMENT!!  Sorry Mr. Schwab… but making that obvious false claim will seal your fate… whatever it is you are blabbering about is still in EXPERIMENTAL PHASE.
  2.  The ‘vaxx’ is killing millions of people.
  3.  The ‘vaxx’ doesn’t have anything related to vaxxxines in it.
  4.  The ‘vaxx’ mind control happens to coincide with the globalist’s great reset and has nothing to do with public health.
  5. The ‘vaxx’ is not effective and in fact, may destroy or hinder immunity.
  6. The ‘vaxx’ contains technology that destroys the human DNA, and creates patentable species.
  7. The ‘vaxx’ contains technology that hooks people up to the internet of THINGS!

Okay… so Dr. Evil can make all the claims he wants, but he will not be able to change what is just listed here.  Furthermore… the public is becoming increasingly aware that the vaxx is one of the dumbest ideas the public has ever participated in, and millions have already died! No one is safe… Mr. Klaus, did you ever consider that you were talking about yourself, because it looks like your days are numbered on this earth, and you did it to yourself.



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