What the Zionist banksters did to the Ukrainian people during the Holodomor Genocide is being perpetrated again … … … GLOBALLY!

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I just watched this movie on Amazon prime.  Jaw dropping.  True story.  The Wall Street jewish banksters who financed Lenin and Stalin did NOT want the TRUTH to get out to the rest of the world of the horrible MAN-MADE FAMINE caused by Stalin’s Communism, in Ukraine, killing MILLIONS of innocent people.
Considering the same tribe is currently causing a man made FAMINE here in the USA and the EU and other places, in order to roll out a Global Communist Dictatorship, I think this movie and subject matter is EXTREMELY Timely……..for the WISE.
Communists CONTROL by FAMINE, it  is one of their favorite tools of CONTROLLING their communist slaves.
Interesting to note that Mr. Jones met with George Orwell and shared the truths he discovered in the USSR.  The truth was SO taboo, censorship was so strong, that the only way George Orwell could relay the truth to people was buy writing a little book, called the Animal Farm.  That was required reading for me in High School, but little did I know the devastating background that sourced that book.  Later of course, George Orwell got much more blatant and specific in his book “1984”, sharing truths, predicting truths, we see happening all around us RIGHT NOW.
The same tribe that destroyed Russia and China are now in the process of destroying the USA, so that the entire world will fall to communism.  Consequently, what we are going through now, is nothing compared with what we will be going through in very short order here.
Now here is the scary part the Millenial generation have already been brainwashed in Public Schools to ADMIRE Communism, and can’t wait for communism to be installed here in the USA.
The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation recently released their annual poll for the year 2019, revealing that over one third of the millennial generation view communism favorably, 15% believing that the world would be “better off ” if the Soviet Union still existed. History, however, tells a different story.

Mr. Jones
Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones (13 August 1905 – 12 August 1935) was a Welsh journalist who in March 1933 first reported in the Western world, without equivocation and under his own name, the existence of the Soviet famine of 1932–1933, including the Holodomor.[a]
The film tells the story of Gareth Jones, a journalist from Wales, who in 1933 travels to the Soviet Union and uncovers the truth about the Holodomor, the devastating famine in Ukraine in which millions died.[10][11]
In 1933, Gareth Jones is an ambitious young journalist who has gained some renown for his interview with Adolf Hitler. Thanks to his connections to Lloyd George, the former British prime minister, he is able to get official permission to travel to the Soviet Union. Jones intends to try to interview Stalin and to find out more about the Soviet Union’s economic expansion and its apparently-successful five-year development plan.
Jones is restricted to Moscow but jumps his train and travels unofficially to Ukraine to discover evidence of the Holodomor, including empty villages, starving people, cannibalism and the enforced collection of grain. On his return to Britain, he struggles to get his story taken seriously.
The Holodomor (UkrainianГолодомо́рromanizedHolodomorIPA: [ɦolodoˈmɔr];[2] derived from морити голодомmoryty holodom, ‘to kill by starvation’),[a][3][4][5] also known as the Terror-Famine[6][7][8] or the Great Famine,[9] was a man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine from 1932 to 1933 that killed millions of Ukrainians. The Holodomor famine was part of the wider Soviet famine of 1932–1933 which affected the major grain-producing areas of the country.[10]

Holodomor: The Ukrainian Famine of the 1930s. (10 Things Everyone Should Know About Ukraine)


How Stalin starved Ukraine…6 minutes


Holodomor: Stalin’s Secret Genocide (2016 documentary short)  15 minutes

The Holodomor: How Ukraine Was Starved by Stalin in 1932

Animal Farm

Look how carefully he hints at the communist satan worshiping “tribe”.
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