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Just Right 767 – July 14, 2022

Just Right Media

        It’s just one crisis after another.  The dramatic earth-shaking events of the past week alone should have been cause for pause.  From the assassination of Japan’s Shinzo Abe, to the fall of Sri Lanka’s government, to the millions protesting against their governments in Germany, France, Italy, Poland, and Holland, the news events are too many to keep track of.

        All that, in addition to the continuing “war” in Ukraine, the continuing staggering death and injury toll from the “vaccines,” a collapsing economy and inflationary trends threatening food shortages and even threats of nuclear war.

        But to make all of these events understandable and addressable, the common denominator to all of them must be uncovered – the intentional and planned agendas of the few responsible.

        Recently, Alex Jones re-posted a chilling 2007 interview with “award-winning film maker turned freedom fighter” Aaron Russo.  In addition to having run for governor in the state of Nevada, he also had close connections and personal friends within the corporate and political elite – some of the very people planning the disasters and who told him exactly what those plans were.

        “They want to create a one world government run by the banks, where everybody has an ID chip implanted in them, and all money will be in those chips, and there will be no cash.  We are dealing with complete evil,” he explained, while citing the Federal Reserve System as the source of the evil.

        Though he passed away in the same year of the interview and could have no way of knowing the current state of world today, Russo predicted the reality of 2022 with a clarity that most living in 2022 have yet to awaken to.

        Unless a significant number of people come to appreciate the magnitude of our moral crisis – and act to reverse it, expecting anything to ever be Just Right again is a fool’s expectation.


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