Many Israeli Embassies Have NUKES in Them, holding the USA & World in Constant Nuclear Blackmail

From Jim Stone:


During a nuclear weapons/materials sweep of several major cities it was discovered that ALL the Israeli embassies emit large amounts of neutrinos, which means Israel is storing nuclear weapons in their embassies. The strongest signal came from the one in New York but all the embassies have at least something there.

This is not a new topic, it dates back to 2012 and was something that was revealed shortly after my original Nuclear Blackmail report. Nothing has changed, other than perhaps a refreshing of the nukes. If a nuke goes off anywhere (and there are whispers right now from people who are worried), no matter WHO they blame, Israel is the first, second, third and fourth suspect, with Russia perhaps fifth on the list.

My report “Nuclear blackmail” pointed out how Israel has potential troubles with launching nukes due to it´s small geographic size, so Israel went clandestine and is getting their nukes placed by bringing them into various nations disguised as something else. They have probably completed this mission, and are therefore obviously the prime suspects for anything that might happen

All Israeli Embassies Have NUKES in Them, holding the USA & World in Nuclear Blackmail Constantly <<<with “friends” like this, who needs enemies???  <<<locations of all of Israel’s nuclear embassies: Boston, NYC, Wash DC, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles.  <<<these are the cities constantly under nuclear blackmail by Israel.

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