“President Putin is what President Putin does”

Here’s “CONCLUSIVE PROOF” that Putin is not an NWO globalist or Zionist sympathizer or Chabad Lubavitcher.

SOTN Editor’s Note: The following exposé provides firsthand testimony, from a now deceased but long-time top-level Putin advisor, which offers conclusive proof that “President Putin is what President Putin does”. Where it concerns the extremely secret intrigues that saw Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Vladimir Putin ultimately appointed as “acting prime minister of the Government of the Russian Federation by President Yeltsin” on 9 August 1999, it does not get any more authoritative than the testimony of Warsaw Pact Commander-in-chief and Marshal of the Soviet Union Wiktor Kulikow. Ardent Russian nationalist Kulikow played a decisive role in purging the Zionist traitors, who had infiltrated every level of government in the Kremlin and throughout Moscow, by way of a nation-saving conspiratorial plot executed by an ultra-secret coterie of Russian patriots known as “Razved” (which means “divorced”). In fact, the highly privileged insider’s account posted below both parallels and fleshes out the skeleton of the narrative of Putin’s rise to power that SOTN published in 2014 under the title: Secret History Revealed — Putin Played Critical Role after the Pre-Planned Collapse of the Soviet Union.

N.B. Please bear in mind that the following post has been roughly translated from the original Polish version by Google Translate.

Is President Vladimir Putin a
globalist and a puppet of the
Chabad Lubavitchers?

For home-grown politicians tangled up in “conspiracy theories” and their own mental miasms!


Propaganda and disinformation about the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has been staggering for at least a dozen years. He is credited with being a globalist, a Jew, a puppet of the Jewish satanic sect of Chabad Lubawicz, a criminal, a satrap, etc., etc., etc., as well as the greatest and most powerful opponent of the satanic New World Order. He already said publicly in 2013 (there is an article on our website) that the West is ruled by Satanists. But an objective and honest assessment about Putin can only be made as evidenced by his actions, not photos with various globalist groups.

It should be added here that the leaders of the USSR and then Russia: Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, who led to the collapse of the Soviet Union and then almost Russia itself, were constantly praised by the West … for betraying their countries. It is the same in Poland: traitors are praised, and patriots who care about their own country are slandered and even killed, like Andrzej Lepper.

Vladimir Putin came to power thanks to Boris Yeltsin, who realized that during his reign he was in a snare and therefore drank himself to death. However, as the successor of the perestroika form of rule with strong presidential power, he saved Russia from disintegration and division into 10 countries (the Polish Episcopate, following the Vatican’s guidelines, planned the division of Russia into dioceses and parishes after its collapse), which Colonel Słowacki made public a few years ago.

President Putin implemented his strategy of rebuilding Russia from economic and social ruins (in the late 1990s, 15 million Russian citizens died of starvation as a result of the failure to pay salaries, pensions and disability pensions in Russia – according to official statistics), he implemented step by step in the existing very difficult internal conditions (saturation with the fifth column of all circles of bureaucracy after Presidents Yeltsin and Gorbachev) and external conditions (domination at all levels of power, especially in Western countries, by NWO globalist and their satanic structures). Only the reconstruction of the Russian military, especially with the types of weapons that no one in the world has, allowed Russia, which has been patiently enduring all humiliations from the West for over thirty years, to show first its “lion’s claw” in Syria, and now, on a much larger scale, its “tiger fang” in Ukraine,

At the end of this article, we provide many links to articles about President Vladimir Putin and Russia herself published on our site over the course of 8 years. It is especially important to recall once again Albin Siwak’s talks with the Marshal of the USSR, Wiktor Kulikow, Commander-in-Chief of the Warsaw Pact Forces, incl. about who Vladimir Putin is, described in the book “Boiled Frog Syndrome” [i] and told by the author who wrote this text:


(page 32) “… the same Zhukov also refuted the third myth. After the Second World War, the Jews proclaimed to the whole world that they would never give up power. I mean the NKVD authorities in Moscow. To this day, you can find descriptions of thanksgiving prayers in synagogues in the West. They thanked God that they had power in the USSR and would extend it to the whole world. When Zhukov shot Lavrentiy Beria at a meeting of the Political Bureau and Lazar Kaganovich lost power after Stalin’s death, and Kulikov killed two Moscow garrisons of the NKVD, the Jews of the world had a bad face… ” ;

Statement by Marshal Wiktor Kulikow to Albin Siwak (pages 40-41)“… But by the way, I will tell you that I would never go to a Jew as an adviser, and a Jew would not take me for a simple reason: I would not go, because after the death of Marshal Zhukov, I became the head of a secret organization, precisely this party “Razved”. And this organization was only established to remove Jews from all their positions and functions. That is, removing them from power and the possibility of exerting any influence on the affairs of the state and the fate of people. (…) Well, when Zhukov was carrying out this purge in the Politburo, it would not have been possible if I had not liquidated both NKVD Moscow garrisons with my own people. After all, half an hour before the time designated for the commencement of the operation, Marshal Zhukov gathered at the Ministry of Defense those commanders of the Moscow districts who had specific tasks assigned. I was ordered to liquidate these two NKVD garrisons. And the order was as follows: << Everything that moves there – eliminate it. There are no Russians there. If you do not obey the order, I will have you shot. Anyway, if you do it wrong, they will kill you first. >> And the Jews of the world know perfectly well that I was in charge of the division whose soldiers carried out this order. To this day, it is possible to obtain figures for the liquidated two NKVD garrisons, and it is almost four thousand people. And what do you think — the marshal asked me — if Putin were a Jew, would he have accepted me as his adviser. And look at it from a different angle too. First of all, I am an officer, I became a marshal later and for the specific knowledge and trust of the highest authorities, and would I, an officer from the Zhukov school, where our honor was taught and inculcated a lot, go to the service of a Jew with my past? So be sure that Putin is a man of Russian roots and those who proclaim his Jewish heritage know it very well. But they use a very effective weapon against Putin, because we also had people who believed this nonsense or had doubts as to whether he was a Russian. I will remind you — said the marshal — that they also proclaimed your Russian lineage. We knew the Solidarity newspaper, where Mazowiecki on the front page, in capital letters, said: <Comrade A. Siwak is not a Pole. The Russians brought him and put him in the Central Committee and the Politburo. His parents live near Moscow and are called Sivakov>. “What do you say?” he asked. — The proverb says that if you throw feces on someone, something will stick and stay … … … “

[ [and] The explanation of the title is as follows: If we throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will get burned badly, but it will pop out of the pot, while if we slowly heat the frog slowly but surely, before it realizes it, it will cook to death. This parallel refers to the Polish nation, which is cooked step by step, step by step, and hence the dilemma of whether it will know in time, whether it will be “boiled” like a frog in a pot.]

The cited very credible, first-hand explanation about President Vladimir Putin, obtained from Albin Siwak, who is a friend of Marshal Viktor Kulikov, should suffice, as they have been quoted many times in Albin Siwak’s books and on our website. It should be added here that until his death at the age of 91 in 2013, Marshal Viktor Kulikov was a personal adviser to President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev for many years.

This information was enough to limit various misinformation only for a few years on the Internet, because the main sewer is the mainstream media, there is no need to count on truth in every topic. But recently, the campaign to slander President Putin has grown to epic proportions due to the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine by Russia, and above all, a firm stand against the mendacious, deceptive and criminal West ruled by satanic NWO globalists.

What is a real study in the extraordinary effectiveness of Tavistock’s global mind control program is the extent to which even the truth-seeking Alt Media trashes Putin.  Some of the best commentators always begin with “I am no fan of the tyrant Putin fan but…..”  Then, they go onto recite a list of things that the exceedingly courageous Russian president has done to essentially save the entire planetary civilization from itself, from the NWO globalist cabal, from the US-UK Empire of Lies, from unrelenting Zio-Anglo-American warmongering, but especially from utterly demonic THE TRIAD.

State of the Nation
July 19, 2022


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