Purging The VERY Deep State: Who Will Drain The Swamp?

Estes Park, Colorado
July 24, 2022

by Rich Scheck

Promises, promises: Donald Trump said he would drain the D. C. swamp when he won in 2016 but fell far short of that goal, mostly because he made poor selections for his key cabinet positions starting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Remember his theme was to “lock her up!” But Hillary is still free and some think ready to run again in 2024 despite the allegations of corruption surrounding Uranium One and the Clinton Global Initiative.

Now comes a report in advance of his announcing his re-election campaign that Trump intends to “purge” the Deep State after he wins in 2024: http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=63229

That sounds great, especially if he does it. But first he needs to transcend the perception by a significant percentage of the electorate that he is not one of the bad guys, something the Democrats are feebly attempting to achieve with their J6 Committee Kangaroo Court proceedings against him.

It is also incumbent that he properly define the Deep State which has several meanings including the permanent government Steve Bannon calls the Administrative State.

That would be a great start to the extent it would go after the folks at the CDC who brought us the Covid disaster and signed off on a dubious vaccination program that supported Big Pharma but did little to protect the general public or the officials at Homeland Security who let millions of illegal immigrants pour across the Southern Border.

Some of us want the purge to go much further and penetrate the VERY Deep State that involves the intelligence community, the Military Industrial Complex and the secret, dark elements who operate behind the scenes.

That would constitute a Purge with a capital P and address such delicate matters as who killed JFK; what really happened on 9/11; and who benefits from the endless wars our citizens pay for with their blood and taxes.

As Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt reminds us every week, the Deep State (CIA) is in control of the UFO file, a topic Trump addressed indirectly with the creation of the Space Force. But by failing to release all the JFK assassination files as mandated by law, he fell short of doing his job and confronting the forces of deception he now pledges to attack.

Is Trump now capable of taking on these entrenched elements of corruption? Many of us doubt it, especially after he picked such stalwarts of the Deep State as Mike Pompeo, Bill Barr and John Bolton last time around. And his decision to take the nepotism route with Jared and Ivanka Kushner also went far towards undermining his credibility.

Now comes word he will purge them from his next administration. But that still leaves him needing to placate his pro-Israel, Christian Zionist base that tolerates every excess by the chosen people from the Jewish state done in the name of the second-coming of their Messiah.

With word anew that Israel may be linked to 9/11 as some of us have suspected for two decades, it will be interesting to see if the man who told us in February of 2016 we “may even find out who did 9/11” can elevate his efforts to drain the DC swamp and really Purge what ails America. https://stateofthenation.co/?p=125831

The divisiveness that currently dominates the US will not likely be healed by Trump, Bannon and their band of deplorables despite the justified disgust with most of Biden’s Socialist agenda. Their focus is too narrow and limited to accommodating the kind of voters who would lean towards Nikki Haley or Pompeo while proclaiming loudly for revenge against the Left authoritarian interlopers who “stole the 2020 election.”

So if not Trump then who can Purge the VERY Deep State and heal America? That is the grand question for a Nation now facing the possibility of economic collapse and civil war while simultaneously being under assault by the Davos Demons of the World Economic Forum with their Transhumanist Agenda.

That suspect plan for a Global Reset has already brought us Covid; censorship disguised as curbing disinformation; a new war in Ukraine that may soon go global/nuclear, and the prospect of an emerging Artificial Intelligence based Dystopia like the Hunger Games linked to a depopulation agenda and New World Order tyranny.

Little of that is part of the Trump conversation for dramatic change. So the question remains: Who, indeed, can drain the Swamp and Purge the VERY Deep State?

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