“The depopulation agenda is well underway!”

Armchair Analysis & Commentary

The depopulation agenda is well underway. 95% reduction is the target and Ted Turner, Bill Gates, The Pope, The Queen, ad nauseum, cannot wait around until the Grand Solar Minimum famine actually begins.

They know that the real pandemic to be feared is the one which feeds on the dead. Like the 1918 Spanish Flu—vaccine-induced influenza. It was catastrophic because a quarter of the earth was covered with corpses. Death bugs and flu get along really, really well.

The weather changes which have already started, and are astounding to anyone paying attention, will knock out every major crop producer on earth. No Food, Riots, Wars, Dead Bodies everywhere, and a simple influenza will kill billions.

If the Globalists wait for that they will be threatened as much as anyone. They need billions of dead, like yesterday, and there is no other way to do it than with a controlled demolition. They need them dead and buried before the temps drop and nothing will grow.

You cannot defend yourself against pandemics or starvation other than with nutrition, water, hygiene. Your own body defenses must be sufficient.

Of course, if we take the ‘I Am Legend’ vaccine, that would solve a lot of the Globalist problems. You will note that the timeline in that movie paralleled the 2009 Mexican & British Columbian swine flu pandemic. And you know how they did it. Kill humans, feed them to pigs, feed those pigs to humans. Really effing simple. And, right now, all the pig factories are closing for some coordinated reason???

The test runs worked fine. Time to roll it out. Between People, Pork, and Vaccine, I think we got it handled.

Don’t eat pork!  Don’t get a vaccine!

The only way to protect yourself is to speak up. Quickly!

Submitted by MT


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