The Perfect Rebuttal to the Qtards Still Strung Out on QAnon’s Hopium

The Plan Has Failed,
If There Ever Was A Plan

Written by MAXtheMAGAnificent

Trump Handed Over the USA to the Globalist Cabal, “The Plan” Has Failed, and Now the USA and the Free World Are Going Down in Flames. What Do We Do Now?

So here we are in August of 2022. Inflation is out of control and a lot of Americans can’t afford to eat, food shortages are developing and mass starvation could happen right here in America in the fall right around Thanksgiving, we have lost our energy independence, gas prices are up 90%, natural gas is up over 400% and many Americans may freeze this winter because they can’t afford to heat their homes, supply chains of vital goods that make life in America possible are breaking down, the national economy has descended into recession and is on its way to depression, many of our major cities have become crime ridden dystopian landscapes of criminality, homelessness, and despair, our justice system has been turned into a Stasi-style secret police whose sole task is to terrorize anyone who opposes the Biden regime, the administrative state is in full fledge exercising tyrannical control over the lives of every American they can, freedom of speech is under full frontal assault from the fascist partnership of regime and tech oligarchs, the U.S. military has been turned into a liberal social experiment and is no longer an effective fighting force that can protect the nation, the regime is doing everything it can to get us into yet another European war that has nothing to do with our security, the USA is a laughing-stock in international relations, our border is wide open leaving any bad actor who wants to enter our country to come in and be welcomed (4.9 million since the regime came to power), the regime has entered full criminal mode and is aiding and abetting drug and human trafficking across our open border leading to deaths of Americans from drug overdoses and other non-natural causes, our public schools and military academies have become playgrounds for anti-American history and gender confusion…this is America in August 2022.

Sounds pretty bad, huh? America and the American way of life is being totally, relentlessly de-constructed piece by piece and you would think that this is bad news. But to the people who claim that this is all part of “the plan” to save America, we Americans should all just get some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show! According to Juan O Savin, who is supposed to be the ultimate authority on “the Plan,” this all had to be.

According to Juan, even though Donald Trump had proof positive that his 2020 re-election had been stolen from him and a majority of Americans…that the government of the United States of America had been overthrown by a Chinese-controlled globalist cabal including multiple US traitors, the right thing for him to do in this instance was to turn over control of the United States government to this globalist/traitor/Chinese cabal and allow it to wreak havoc on the country and its citizens. The idea here was that if Trump decided to declare the Insurrection Act and stop the evil cabal in its tracks from literally taking over the USA prior to January 20, 2021, something that he had every right and indeed duty to do, that the USA would immediately descend into a civil war in which many would die and our republic would suffer extreme disruption and possible dissolution. The assumption by Trump and his inner circle was that there were not enough Americans who would stand up and fight…indeed be willing to die… to defend the Republic when its government and constitution had been overthrown. This was the ultimate insult to all patriotic Americans and the gravest mistaken assumption that Trump ever made.

Instead, it was decided by Trump and his inner circle that the best thing to do would be to run a public relations campaign which would be effectively executed by the evil, Chinese controlled cabal in which the cabal would take over control of the USA and, with the collaboration of all Democrat federal office holders, wreck so much havoc across America that a minimum of 80% of the American people would be ready to see the cabal government overthrown. This overthrow of the cabal government would then be executed by some shadowy group of patriots in the military who managed to somehow survive the cabal regime’s purges of patriots in the military and thus be in position to peacefully restore our republic when the vast majority of the public was ready for it and there would be no civil war! Sounds like a plan! …or does it?

OK, let’s stipulate that Trump and the patriots who devised “the Plan” had the best intentions for America and its people when they implemented it. There’s one big problem though, and that is that Trump and his patriots never anticipated that the cabal had decided that they would institute a civil war when they took power in any case, even if they were handed over the federal government on a silver platter in spite of their fraud, as Trump so willingly did. This would be a new type of civil war that the cabal would wage though…it would not be a war fomented by the cabal between factions of the citizens of the USA but rather a war waged by the cabal-controlled government of the USA against the citizens of the USA itself! The cabal never had any intention of governing the USA once they had seized its government, they only intended to destroy the USA and hand its remains over as a vassal state to the cabal’s globalist, new world order, dystopian, communistic alliance that they anticipated as ultimately ruling the world.

What Trump and his patriots also did not realize was that the consummately evil cabal to which they had so recklessly and irresponsibly handed over the country had so completely infiltrated and co-opted all of the institutions of the US government and private sector that the destruction of the USA would be inevitable. The cabal had set up the USA as a true house of cards that would readily collapse once in the hands of its new malevolent rulers. With all of the instrumentalities of government in the cabal’s hands, there would be no chance that any patriotic group attempting to restore the Republic through the civil systems of the now totally corrupted government could ever succeed.

What Trump and the patriots apparently failed to take into account is that the globalists cabal to which they handed our country was and is conducting a planned, controlled demolition of the first world societies and economies of western and central Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, and to a certain extent Japan and South Korea. They ignored the fact that the globalist cabal is a cult of megalomaniacal, genocidal psychopaths such as George Soros, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and Barak Obama who lead the most powerful group of NGO’s the world has ever seen: the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, fascistic investment funds such as Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street, the central banks and global private banks of the western economies. These are the institutions and people that now possess the means and the power to destroy the sovereignty of nations, and kill untold billions of the commoners and enslave the survivors.

Up until the point that Trump handed over our country to the globalist cabal, the United States was the only nation-state that was really standing in the cabal’s way of total domination and the destruction of western civilization as we have known it. Now the cabal owns the USA and the global destruction has been put into high gear…the starvation of populations is beginning in earnest, energy costs are out of control and people either cannot afford or cannot get the energy they need to heat their homes or cook their food, if they have any food to cook, vital supply chains are broken, currencies are sinking, debt is out of control, global war is being fomented…you name it, it’s all going down and going down fast.

Now we have to go all the way back to the Trump and the patriots “Plan” …you remember the Plan! The Plan was where everything bad that the cabal is doing to us is really good because we all need to be awakened to how really awful the cabal is and now that we are all awake (at least 80% of us) we will all fully support the ultimate take down of the globalist cabal that is somehow going to be miraculously accomplished by Trump and the patriots.

Well you really know that the Plan is going down in flames when its proponents like Juan O Savin declare that the only thing that is going to really save it (the Plan) and us (Americans) now is divine intervention. It is now obvious that the Plan never had a chance and that Trump’s decision to not declare the Insurrection Act prior to January 20, 2021 was a mistake of colossal proportions which could ultimately lead to not only the destruction of the United States, but of the entire western world as we have known it. As mentioned previously, the globalist cabal had so corrupted the basic societal institutions of the western countries they sought to destroy that when their full frontal attack to bring these societies down began, the societies just crumbled…it was over before it began.

So it is with the United States of America…we had one last chance to stop the downfall of our formerly great nation by not allowing the cabal to take over our government when they could have, but the people in charge who could have done this great, transformational act over-thought the situation and blew it. They had no idea what they were up against…call it hubris or whatever…and now the USA is in a downward spiral that no one seems to have any idea how to stop.

No one is enjoying the show any longer, Juan. No one believes that Trump and the white hats have any control over the situation, Juan. You, yourself said it…it is only the American people who can save our country now, but you never tell us how we should do it except that we have to start at the bottom and elect patriot local leaders to our town councils and school boards. This is how we are going to defeat this globe straddling cabal that is right now doing everything in its power to literally kill us and enslave those that it does not kill? We’re not going to be around much longer, Juan, as a people or a country if the cabal is allowed to continue on its current course. Anyway, the cabal is so emboldened by its total fraudulent victory in the USA in 2020 that it will never allow a free and fair election in the USA again and our election system is so corrupted that nefarious repeats in 2022 and 2024 (if there are elections in 2022 and 2024) are a virtual given.

There are still a lot of great people and a lot of great patriots left today in the USA and societies likewise under attack around the world. The fact is that we outnumber the people who are destroying our Republic and the western societies by many millions, to one. We should be able to take these monsters down in a heartbeat…we know who they are, where they live and work, we know everything about them. Whether we survive as a constitutional republic is now in our hands only because of our vast numbers and the means of change at our disposal. No one person or group is even close to being capable of riding in on a white horse(s) to save us at this point as so many of us had hoped Trump and our now castrated military would do.

In the mean time, the globalist cabal goes on its merry way of death and destruction unscathed, without fear of retribution or worse. These monsters now believe that they can do anything that they want to us and our countries and that we will lay down and accept whatever atrocities they visit upon us without so much as objection, let alone effective resistance. Look at them… whoever is controlling Biden in the USA, Macron in France, Scholz in Germany, Trudeau in Canada, Ardern in New Zealand, Rutte in the Netherlands, Morrison in Australia…none of them care how much destruction and misery they put upon their own countries and peoples.

It’s all part of THEIR PLAN to replace our way of life with their dystopian wet dreams and they are in the catbird seat…they have all of the instrumentalities of their governments at their command including law enforcement, military, and intelligence AND they have co-opted the major global corporations, the central and private banks, the major media, academia…every major societal power center is theirs and they are taking advantage of all of them with abandon to wantonly destroy.

The idea that “Trump and the patriots” are winning and in full control of the present world situation as the X22 Report breathlessly asserts, gets more and more outlandishly unbelievable and frankly plain old ridiculous every time it is repeated. When Juan O Savin says that there is no way that the globalist cabal can win the five level chess match going on right now…that the white hats have all the good moves in hand to take down the cabal…one can only wonder what world he is living in. Ever heard of cognitive dissonance…when what you are being told and what you see with your own eyes are diametrically opposed? How about all the people who say that we can’t lose because we are doing God’s work and He is on our side. I definitely believe in God but a whole lot of really fine, God-fearing humans in this world have suffered and died grievously at the hands of their fellow humans and for some reason God could not help them. We will never know why these things happen, but they do. What it means for us is that our fate as free people and the fate of nations is solely in our hands. We are the only ones who can save ourselves and our countries and we must act decisively now.

There is an instruction manual on how we must act decisively now and it is found in a most unlikely place…the manual is embodied in of all things a 1998 Walt Disney/Pixar animated kids’ movie called “A Bug’s Life.” Watch it, then watch it again…take notes, then act. Now. Decisively.



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