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Freedom is not free it needs to be earned

2011. Thanks Cindy!

Women of Canada are gathering Sept 18 & 19.22

This Gathering is for Canadian women, their children and the men who love and support them. The event will recognize the emotional, financial, social and political burdens borne by every Canadian since March 2020 – in the hopes that friends, family and neighbors will be inspired to ‘lay down their swords’ to bring about the REUNIFICATION of families and communities.

It is time to ensure every person is welcome back to work, school and around the family kitchen table. Our children’s futures depend on swift and decisive action.

Let’s stand together – It is time to heal this country.


Global Walk Out Day 1

Rome wasn’t built in a day and tyranny won’t be dismantled in a day.

Each of us can contribute by using CASH as much as possible.

Stop feeding AI data to grow at the expense of man’s privacy, freedom, and well-being.

You can print and cut into sections to give when you pay cash. https://globalwalkout.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/I-paid-cash-today-for-a-reason-.pdf

s.m.a.r.t. meters were installed to CONtrol people

We are witnessing …

Controlled demolition of the food supply. https://www.ourgreaterdestiny.ca/p/sowing-hunger-to-reap-profits-50

Controlled demolition of the global economic and financial system.

Controlled demolition of the privacy and security of man.

Everything connected to the s.m.a.r.t. grid can be monitored, its use restricted, and or stopped. Do you have a s.m.a.r.t. WATER meter where you live?

Stop feeding artificial intelligence

Technology is being used to enslave rather than free mankind.

When CASH is gone it’s overThere will be no way out of an invisible, digital prison.

Blind trust in church, state, and corporations, contributed to the chaos we must now move through together b/c we are many, they are few.

U n p l u g


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