Did Anyone Really Vote For Joe Biden?

Santa Clara, Utah
September 23,2022

by Rich Scheck

I am not a big Trump fan or MAGA movement “patriot!” But it is beyond my ability to comprehend why anyone in the USofA would have voted for Joe Biden.

I understand there are folks who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome and found it easy to look at whoever was left standing among the Democrats.

But Biden is a certifiable creep, sniffing young girls and giving birth to an obviously troubled son with whom he appears to have collaborated with in treasonous criminality via business dealings with China and Ukraine.

As “president” he has simultaneously triggered a serious economic recession that many say will soon be a depression while needlessly putting the nation in jeopardy of a nuclear war with Russia.

That’s pretty impressive when it comes to incompetence! Throw in what has been a massive invasion of our southern border by millions of illegal aliens encouraged by his pronouncements and you have a situation that is the equivalent of us watching Rome burn.

I have long been a critic of American imperial overreach and the high comfort level of war-mongering Neo-Cons like Mike Pompeo, John McCain, Nikki Haley, Tom Cotton and Democrat Hillary Clinton who support our endless interventions based mostly on lies.

Trump was marginally better as president in keeping us out of these skirmishes but was still clearly an apologist for our Pax Americana policies.

Now we have someone going through the motions of being Commander-In-Chief while bringing us closer to the abyss of collapse all the while being protected by the MSM which refuses to hold him accountable for anything including the scandals relating to his son’s laptop and his constant troubling remarks about his relationship with young women. https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4095573/posts

There’s much more but the above should suffice to make my point! America has reached a unique moment of absurdity and surrealism with Biden being The Emperor With No Clothes, a hapless yet dangerously poor excuse for a leader.

It normally would be hard to imagine things getting worse but under the circumstances, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Just watch…….and please do not vote for him or any of his supporters again!

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