CONCLUSIVE PROOF: Hurricane Ian was a highly calculated act of geoterrorism aimed at specific regions of Florida to achieve multiple globalist objectives and Democrat political goals

HURRICANE IAN—Florida’s 9/11

A Special Report


There is now no question whatsoever that Hurricane Ian was deliberately geoengineered into a superstorm and aimed with premeditation at the southwest Florida coastline.

*Whether Tropical Storm Ian originated naturally or was geoengineered from its inception is not discussed in this report.  This paper is only concerned with the development of this superstorm once it passed over Cuba and headed toward the Peninsula of Florida.

The following video captured the satellite imagery of Hurricane Ian as it was purposefully stalled off the southwest coast of Florida and greatly intensified into a borderline Cat 5 superstorm.  The NWO geoengineers carried out this act of intentional geoterrorism by utilizing a “weather wheel”, the massive spraying of metalized chemtrail aerosols, as well as a HAARP-level ionospheric heater.

The video that follows was posted under the title: “It looks like the geoengineers are both stalling and intensifying Hurricane Ian off Florida’s west coast to maximize storm surge“.  It was first published on Wednesday morning as the SOTN Investigation Team watched the superstorm being obviously pumped full of energy as it inexplicably sat off the coast of Florida.

VIDEO: HURRICANE IAN storm chaser footage as
superstorm approaches category 5

The next video quite clearly demonstrates the enormous chemtrail spraying operation being conducted all over the state of Florida on Tuesday, September 27, as a preparation of the atmosphere for both a devastating landfall and the subsequent overwhelming rain events statewide the following day.

Massive Chemical Engineering Operation throughout
Florida Skies in Advance of Ian’s Landfall

Another major geoengineering signature can be seen in this very telling screenshot of the entire Eastern Seaboard and way beyond.  Surely the “Internet Censorship Regime” never imagined this satellite imagery would be stumbled upon by a very astute Ian investigator. (Be sure to click on the very impressive image posted in the link below to enlarge.)

GEOENGINEERING SIGNATURE: This satellite imagery captured
a pattern that is not natural; it’s entirely manmade.

*Intro to be continued as the scientific research paper is completed for publication.

SOTN Editor’s Note: The “Hurricane Ian” story is so radioactive and highly consequential that we felt it was important to post this very short intro as the skeleton of the report is being fleshed over the next few days.  Because of the pervasive and profound destruction inflicted upon the great state of Florida, this “Special Report” will be disseminated widely throughout the U.S. Congress and Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government.  We ask all readers to send us any articles and exposés, videos and audios which serves to support this geoengineering theme—thank you.

Hurricane Ian Investigation Team
State of the Nation
September 29, 2022

Trajectory of Hurricane Ian

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