Never forgive or forget – Dr Roger Hodkinson (Video)

Just Right 784 – November 10, 2022

        Faced with the incredible scale of crimes against humanity related to the mandated rollouts of “Covid vaccines,” our guest Dr Roger Hodkinson attracted international attention after having cited global statistics that paint a horrific picture.  At least twenty million have died directly due to the injections, while another two billion suffered severe adverse reactions.

        “I’m calling it the Big Kill.  We’ve seen the biggest kill ever in medicine’s history,” says Dr Hodkinson.  “And it’s the physicians, not just the politicians, who are principally culpable because they have allowed government’s jackboots to influence how they manage their patients – which has never ever happened before.”

        In the midst of this reality, and on the heels of various official admissions that producers and distributors of the injections knew about the dangers all along, calls for “amnesty” are surfacing from those who granted no such considerations while promoting the lies.

        “Absolutely not.  I’m full of vengeance.  I’m vengeful.  It’s not a time to say I’m sorry.  Let’s put these bastards in jail!” 

        Adapted from a much broader conversation available on Just Right’s video channels, on today’s broadcast Dr Hodkinson calls upon the principles of “First do no harm” and “informed consent” as necessary fundamentals to any ethical practice of medicine.

        Upon further consideration, it seems that applying the principles of “First do no harm” and “informed consent” to the political arena may prove to be Just Right for what ails the body politic as well.

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