As Predicted, Full Blown Treason In US Using Election Fraud


Well… WHAT can I say in terms of what has just happened in the formerly ‘free’ nation that used to be called the United States…. The election THEFT which is in fact an act of TREASON against the American nation was so blatantly obvious and to the point that even the lying whore media was stuck between scratching their heads not knowing what to say or running out of valid excuses for what the fuck just happened!

But lets be serious here… There was NO WAY IN HELL that the criminally psychotic Communists in charge in Washington were ever going to surrender their control of the American nation… People just do not get it yet that when the Communists illegally grabbed what used to be the American Republic back in 2020, they were never ever going to rescind that control unless the American public actually rose up in revolution and marched with the support of the American military on Washington DC to force these criminals out by force….

Sadly, and alarmingly to yours truly, most of the American people are so stupidly silent today and most are just going about their ‘daily business’ thinking nothing about what just happened to their once great republic…. Most are in fact so badly brainwashed by the incessant lies put out by the lying whore media that they actually believe that ‘what is best’ for the now destroyed American republic is to simply ‘accept the results’ and ‘move on’…My question to them becomes: Move on to what?

Yes, I am deeply perplexed as to how ANYONE with any brains in the US would have voted for these ‘Demon-rats’ in power? As I showed yesterday the polling clearly showed that these evil psychopaths in power could barely garner about 15% of any votes in any states…. This is due to their corruption, their evil programs of destruction, and of course the evils of their ‘great leader’ that pant-shitting fool and dementia filled lunatic Joe Biden who cannot even put two sentences together and would rather drool over underaged women than actually run a nation! The facts remain that in ANY election in any US state, you will always find about 15% of the braindead public will vote ‘Demon-rat’ no matter what, even if the candidate is a brain dead fence post (such as what we are seeing with that ‘candidate’ in Pennsylvania)…..

So…. America gets exactly what it deserves… Too many Americans are such pussies these days that the criminals are basically laughing in their faces when it comes to these ‘elections’…..Thus the facts are that the American ‘voting system’ is so badly broken now that the only way to actually have fair elections would take a complete ‘overhaul’ of the entire process, a STOP to the usage of ‘tabulating electronic machines’ that are so corrupt, and a going back to paper ballots that have to be counted ON THE DAY of the vote and no later…..Will that happen any time soon? Not a chance with such a level of corruption at the federal level in the US under the control of psychopathic Communists….

YES, I used to admire the American nation… That was however decades ago and before I discovered on my own the horrific level of corruption and sickness that the United States has been involved in with its attempts to be the bully of the world and pushing the ‘American Empire’ across the world demanding subservience from other nations….But that corruption is not limited to international crimes by America, for the entire republic is indeed so rotten to the core now that it might be best for the entire planet to have it collapse and not be rebuilt…..

The bottom line here is simple… The vast majority of Americans are now brain dead and basically do not even give a damn about what happens to their republic…..The idea that great nations do periodically need to be reinforced by revolutions to prevent such nations turning into tyrannies is a dead concept in the US, and sadly the entire republic is headed to oblivion…..America, you get what you deserve by not being vigilant and understanding how liberty and freedom does need to be defended by the barrel of a gun even on domestic soil at times….. Take a look at your own flag, the Star Spangled Banner, my American friends and colleagues, for those Red Stripes that are supposed to represent the blood of those patriots that created your once great nation through revolution and shedding blood should now be properly coloured YELLOW for most of you turning ‘yellow bellied’, and of course the lack of patriotism that most of you have lost….

I just wanted to get all that off my chest… And of course there will be some in America that will not like it, but that is too bad for I tell it like it is… For those who now hate my guts for this, look in the mirror first, and if you still do not like it, you can bite me!

OK, Onto other news, for I do not even want to talk any further about that sham in America…… There are still those out there that are falling for this crap being promoted about the KILL SHOTS being some type of ‘parasitic self replicating devices feeding on Graphene Oxide that are driven by 5G and/or ‘caesium 137’, and I want to clear the air on this stupidity…

First, as I have said before, the ‘Graphene Oxide’ should by now be a dead issue, as the facts are that laboratories around the world are NOT finding any ‘Graphene Oxide’ in any of their KILL SHOT samples (I wrote an article at this blog in fact about a month ago covering this issue..)… This is fact, and does indeed point to the fact that ‘Graphene Oxide’ was thrown out there purposely to lead the sheep down the wrong path….

And all of that recent word salad concerning ‘self replicating machines’ is just that, word salad and being used to promote so much false information and cause so much confusion amongst researchers… The fact remains that these KILL SHOTS have always been generators of antigen Spike Proteins that are being synthesized by the victim’s own cells that lead eventually to the death of that victim given enough time and the number of ‘shots’ that they stupidly take into their bodies….

And about 5G? That is still open to speculation, as we now know that the 60GHz frequency that is employed with ‘5G’ can definitely do serious harm to everyone for at that frequency, oxidation via Hemoglobin in the blood stream is blocked…. THUS 5G is indeed a most serious issue, and the possible links to the KILL SHOTS is still being investigated…

But what bothers me is the inclusion now of radioactive Caesium 137 which is very much occurring naturally in nature all the time, but has been seriously enhanced over the last decade by the release of Caesium 137 into Earth’s atmosphere from the blowing up of the nuclear power fast breeder reactor systems at Fukushima Japan…

The facts are out there that since the blowing up of at least 3 nuclear reactors at Fukushima back on March 11th, 2011, the amount of atmospheric Caesium, which is a residue of the radioactive nucleotides released by those explosions has increased significantly across the entire planet….That and so much of the food supply that comes from the Pacific Ocean is seriously contaminated by Caesium 137 as well….. Thus human beings are indeed having increasing amounts of Caesium 137 now in their bodies from not only the air they breathe but the food that they consume as well….

This is why I see ‘Caesium 137’ as the real head scratcher in all this… I can speculate that because Caesium 137 is now being detected in humans thanks primarily to Fukushima, that those pushing the “parasites and not spike proteins” nonsense are using it and the ignorance of most people to sell their ‘word salad’ as somehow factual….

Like I have said for the last few years in regards to the entire SCAMDEMIC, DO NOT FALL for any crap that is being promoted out there, and do your own research…. Personally I prefer proper research, and not to automatically fall for anything that is promoted, as I have also made so many mistakes over these last few years in regards to the entire program of genocide… Research has helped yours truly to refine and come up with proper facts in my articles… And use common sense at all times and if you have that little voice in your head telling you that something is wrong, heed its warnings….

One other thing about the SCAMDEMIC, and to me this is especially alarming.. Apparently the psychos running the entire hoax are now all over this ‘explosion’ of cases of ‘INFLUENZA’……

Yes, if you all have noticed, the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets are all now talking about how this ‘Influenza season’ is going to be, at least according to some of them, the ‘worse in decades’…. And many of them are now pushing for everyone to get out there and get their ‘Flu shots’ as a means of battling this ‘deadly virus’…

The question of course is why Influenza all of a sudden… Well one of the primary reasons is obviously to push the narrative away from the fraud of ‘COVID-19’ that in fact has always been just a hardened form of INFLUENZA from the start… That, and now these monsters are ready to go with their new mRNA ‘bivalent’ or ‘bi-contagent’ KILL SHOTS that contain not one, but TWO forms of ‘spike protein’ generating transfection crap that will cause the victim to release spike proteins for not only ‘COVID’ but “Influenza” as well!! Yes, what a sweet deal; Double your pleasure, double your fun as now you will have two different Spike Proteins ravaging your bodies…

And common sense here; The KILL SHOTS have indeed done their damage very well… The victims’ of these KILL SHOTS now have basically near zero immune systems, and ANY forms of ‘Influenza’ or even the ‘common cold’ will kill them very easily this season…. And even this will work in the criminals’ bigger scheme of things, as when people with zero immune systems start dying from this season’s ‘Influenza outbreak’ the criminals will have the lying whore media push this fear of death into everyone and it will be used to promote these KILL SHOTS even further….

Thus, do not fall for this ‘deadly Influenza season’ crap that is now out there on the airwaves… It is just more fear porn that will be used by these monsters running the SCAMDEMIC to push more of their death jabs into suckers….

OK, I guess that is enough for the moment…….As readers have noticed, I have NO ‘links’ to other articles in this blog post… I find that sometimes just giving my own perspectives and rationalizations are enough to open eyes and help readers to understand what is REALLY going on…. But again, do NOT believe everything that I write, for I DO want readers to investigate and research for themselves, always….

More to come



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