VAX ATTACK! Attorney representing Justin Trudeau’s liberal government collapses during public hearing (Video)

VIEW HERE: Canada: Gabriel Poliquin, a government attorney, collapsed while he was questioning a witness in a hearing about Justin Trudeau’s liberal government invoking the Emergencies Act on February 14, 2022. The Emergencies Act was an extreme response to a peaceful trucker protest against mandatory COVID vaccines that lasted for 3 weeks in the capital city of Ottowa. Canadian lawyer and Youtube personality ‘Viva Frei’ reported on the prosecutor’s collapse and said that we are not allowed to ask the question about whether Mr. Poliquin had received any COVID vaccines. A Twitter post by Poliquin on July 30, 2021 shows the hashtag #vaxxedtothemax that promotes COVID vaccines to the public. Poliquin, if he is “vaxxedtothemax”, is likely to have received two COVID shots plus boosters. Another tweet indicated that he gifted a COVID jab to his daughter for her birthday. Viva Frei reported that Mr. Poliquin survived the collapse.


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