Economic “Doom Loop” Emerging As Moscow Assembles Million Man Force

Peoria, AZ

by Rich Scheck
The urgent need to end the war in Ukraine is obvious to all rational thinking people as Winter fast approaches and the fighting intensifies.

The potential for a Minsk 3 Accord remains elusive in the face of Ukrainian intransigence. Putin has made his claims clear to this observer which continue to be ignored by NATO and Western leaders despite the obvious potential for Russia to increase the size of its forces engaged in battle.

Now comes a report that Putin has assembled a million man invasion force as a way of finally being taken seriously as well as swiftly ending the conflict.

Despite the sanctions and efforts by the West to win the war through attrition, a strategy that took nearly a decade to prevail after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1979, it is NATO that is experiencing enormous economic problems that might trigger a “Doom Loop” situation.

The results of the US midterm elections lend little hope for a speedy resolution of the conflict as neither party put forth any peace candidates and the Democrat’s success in holding off a Red Wave surge of populists represents a tentative mandate to keep its support for Zelensky going…….for now.

Like a classic drunk needing to “hit bottom” before reality kicks in and a path of recovery for moving forward becomes available, the coming months are likely to show Biden, both parties and the rest of the world how misguided their approach has been from the start.

One can only hope that the lessons to be learned happen soon and a big light bulb of realization of what should be done occurs with a minimum of further hardship to those in the region and the rest of the world.

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