There’s only ONE reason why Elon Musk was ordered to buy Twitter with so much staged melodrama……

…the Khazarian Cabal needed a highly idiosyncratic and mercurial lone ranger sitting at the very top of the powerful
social media utility who could (and would) unilaterally and
summarily hit the kill switch after known crackerjack hackers
have quite stealthily taken over pivotal parts of that global
platform in order to upload some of the most radioactive
and damaging truth ever released into the public domain.

It’s also the same reason why Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is being forced to resign as CEO of mega-failure Meta.  Facebook will also experience the same type of  takeover when the hackers push the button on this Internet-altering program of disruption

Submitted by The Hacker
SOTN Exclusive

There are now countless disaffected cyber crackerjacks and computer hackers, disillusioned web developers and software engineers, disenchanted code-writers
and computer systems analysts, disconcerted AI architects and cloud engineers who are really sick of all.  These IT guys and gals are totally FED UP!  That is, with the constant demands to create an even more highly censored Internet than exists today.

As a result of this rapidly devolving predicament, there’s a HUGE underground effort afoot to carry out the DATA DUMP OF THE MILLENNIUM.  However, this truth-telling enterprise is not like any other data dump to come before; not even comparable to WikiLeaks, which was quite large in scope as well as damning to the extreme.  Yes, the upcoming scheme is going to be YUUUUUUGE ! ! !

So, there’s an UNSTOPPABLE plan that’s gaining momentum to take over vast swaths of social media space to use that space to post the most raw and damaging truth ever published on the Internet.  Their primary purpose is to fight falsehood with truth before the World Wide Web is effectively shut down.  They all know that Internet freedom has been in serious jeopardy since Trump’s first run for POTUS; and that the window of opportunity for some serious truth dumping is closing very, VERY fast!

Hence, these truth-seeking hackers are prepping for a massive takeover of certain Big Social Media platforms.  These bold cyber crackerjacks will then create “protected spaces” to post whatever radioactive disclosures need to see the light of day throughput 2023.

This unparalleled worldwide truth-disseminating project to completely subvert the New World Order agenda is meant to be a highly collaborative endeavor in that YOU the reader are encouraged to quickly capture the most sensitive info/data.  This is the hot phase for We the People in our fierce fight for our most basic rights and liberties … for our freedom … for our future … and for all the subsequent generations.

Essentially, this audacious game plan is designed to be conducted in a highly cooperative and unified manner in order to disseminate as much raw TRUTH as possible, as swiftly as possible.  In this way, folks the world over can grab the most highly consequential info/data via screenshots and “copy and past”, which can then be used for the next phase of this unfolding global revolution against the NWO’s Tyrannical Technocracy.

The Hacker
State of the Nation
November 24, 2022


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