Blue State Commie Governors ALL Put CV19 Patients into NURSING HOMES with the Elderly, in Order to Kill Off The Elderly!

Hospitals Empty and Laying off Doctors & Nurses, there were/are ZERO overflowing Hospitals! This is Pre-Meditated Murder, & Its Still Going on TODAY!

No Wonder MOST of the CV19 cases and deaths are ELDERLY People! The Elderly were TARGETED for CV19, and then in many cases, all medical care was withheld from them, because they were Over age 65!!!

There is a word for this, and it is called GENOCIDE!!!

Then most of the elderly must vote Republican…..or possibly this was done for demoncrap ballot harvesting: voting for the “recently” dead. Anything to stay in power.

I think it is now very clear HOW ALL the Nursing Homes in Blue States ended up ALL having epidemics of CV19, even though, no one was allowed to “visit” them. It was done deliberately by the Commie Blue State Governors……they ALL did it!

This is Pre-Meditated First Degree Murder!

These Governors need to be investigated and tried for MURDER!

Michigan: Gretchen Whitmer seeds the nursing homes with COVID-19

This is unconscionable!

NY Governor deliberately put CV19 Patients INTO Nursing Homes to Kill Off the Elderly!….while the Navy ship sat EMPTY in NY Harbor because there was no shortage of hospital beds in NY!

Cuomo’s CV19 Cover-Up — Killing High-Risk Patients

NEW YORK: Stefanik Calls for Federal Investigation into Cuomo’s Handling of Nursing Homes

Also recall how this PLANNEDemic started in Washington State, with ONE Chinese guy who flew to Seattle from Wuhan, China?

Then the very next thing we hear is that a NURSING HOME has 80 CV19 Patients, and most died! How did it make that leap from that one Chinese guy over in Seattle to that Nursing Home???

Recall Trump’s Executive Order that no one could visit the elderly in Nursing Homes, in the hopes of PREVENTING the vulnerable elderly from getting infected with CV19? No problem, these Communist Governors just PUT CV19 Patients right INTO the Nursing Homes to MAKE SURE THEY GET INFECTED! And now, due to the no visitation policy, no family members were able to monitor the situation and so they could report this gross murderous activity! The elderly were sitting ducks!

Recall all the EMPTY Hospitals Patriots filmed all over this nation, including Blue States, and filmed EMPTY Hospitals even in NYC?

Recall all the whistle blower Nurses and Doctors that they are being laid off because the Hospitals are EMPTY and going BROKE?

There was NEVER a reason to put CV19 Patients in with the elderly in Nursing Homes!

What is the point of preventing ANY visitors to Nursing Homes, IF the Governors are going to put CV19 Patients right into Nursing Homes? So in other words, NO ONE could Visit a Nursing home UNLESS they were already Infected with CV19!!!

Thousands have died of COVID-19 in nursing homes- the federal government isn’t tracking it–federal-government-isnt-tracking-it

Pennsylvania Health Secretary moved own mother out of a nursing home during pandemic while directing infected patients into them

MN Department of Health has been allowing hundreds of infected CV19 patients to be moved to nursing homes – including the ones that became terrible hot spots of CV19 fatalities.

This is why HCQ is being smeared by the Communists that want DEATH:

HydroxyChloroQuine Saves Nursing Home In Texas: All Of The Models By The Professional Medical Community Are Wrong


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