Just how dangerous are the millimeter waves associated with a 5G power grid?!

Here what Jean Hudon says:

Thanks for your effort and time with compiling all this material. However, you have neglected to verify a key aspect that is central to our main concerns about 5G. The question you and everyone should ask before contriving all kinds of theories is : Which part of the radiowave spectrum is China’s 5G operating on? If they can make it work properly*, the real 5G based on millimeter waves, the really dangerous one, is expected to have major detrimental effects on the skin and eyes and much much more, according to various experts as you can read at https://mdsafetech.org/5g-telecommunications-science/ – if you want to have a thorough understanding of the multiple health impacts millimeter waves can have. Here is a telling excerpt:

“An older Russian paper, “Biological Effects of Millimeter Wavelengths” by Zalyubovskaya (1977) was declassified by the CIA in 2012. This paper disturbingly describes the research on both humans and animals showing a myriad of adverse effects of millimeter wavelengths. The author notes that millimeter wave technology had been used for years without any studies on biological effects. The researchers found that “millimeter waves caused changes in the body manifested in structural alterations in the skin and internal organs, qualitative and quantitative changes in the blood and bone marrow composition, and changes in the conditioned reflex activity, tissue respiration…and nuclear metabolism. The degree of unfavorable effect of millimeter waves depended the duration of radiation and individual characteristics of the organism.” The author confirmed that millimeter waves do not penetrate skin but act on nerve receptors in the skin to cause such diverse biological and metabolic effects as a reduction in hemoglobin and erythrocytes, higher blood cortisol levels, adrenal stimulation, mitochondrial dysfunction, and suppression of the central nervous system with notable changes in liver, kidneys, heart and brain. The declassified paper is Biological Effects of Millimeter Wavelengths. Zalyubovskaya-Declassified by CIA -1977.”

You should know that the real 5G millimeter waves start at 24 gigahertz – 24 billions of hertz. So as you can verify at https://www.rcrwireless.com/20190603/5g/5g-spectrum-allocations-china, China is only using now the mid-band frequencies for their current false 5G system. These frequencies are all in the same range of existing WiFi routers — emitting either on 2400 megahertz (MHz – millions of hertz) or on 5000 MHz.

Nearly the entire Earth’s population has already been exposed to these frequencies at close range for the past 10 years in their houses, schools, work places, hospitals, restaurants, etc. and no such virus has emerged. You can check at https://bit.ly/2UgffbO the VERY high level of pervasive WiFi radiation people are exposed to in the US. Check at https://bit.ly/37OpckC for the WiFi exposure in Europe. The false 5G exposure of people in China is therefore nothing new and it could mean that your theory is bogus. Yet what is new with the 5G networks is the high proximity of antennas relative to where people live. As in North Korea (see below) to try to provide higher download speed, the number of antennas necessary for the new false 5G networks to work means that in the end there will be on average 30 times more antennas, located at very close range from people, than with all the 4G and 3G antennas combined.

According to the following article “South Korean minister dismisses 5G health and environmental concerns” at https://bit.ly/2S6otVv (which is full of lies!), it is mentioned (and this looks plausible to me) : “In China, for example, 5G base stations have a radiation standard of fewer than 40 microwatts (µW) per square centimetre.” (end of quote). Since no one understands what “40 microwatts (µW) per square centimetre” means in term of exposure level, you have to convert this in term of microwatts per square METER which is what we are using as a reference in North America. Using the conversion table at http://cqlpe.ca/pdf/ConversionTable.pdf, we see that it means people (at what distance from the antennas ? … we don’t know…) can be exposed to 400,000 microwatts/m2 of radiation. This is outrageously high and dangerous!

According the Resolution 1815 adopted by the EU Parliamentary Assembly in 2011 (see at https://bit.ly/2RMjxGk), people, in indoor settings, should not be exposed to a level higher than 0.6 volts per metre and, ideally, to no more than 0.2 volts per metre. Once converted (using the calculator at https://www.powerwatch.org.uk/science/unitconversion.asp), this means no one should be exposed to more than 1000 microwatts/m2 (rounding 954 to 1000) and, ideally, to 100 microwatts/m2 (rounding 106 to 100). This determination was based on the best independent scientific studies in 2011, not on industry-commissioned bogus studies. Dig this! People should – ideally – not be chronically exposed to levels of EMF radiation beyond 100 microwatts/m2… In China, the WiFi-like frequencies of their false 5G is exposing a significant portion of the population to what allegedly is 400,000 microwatts/m2 of radiation… And this extreme level of exposure comes on top of the very high exposure levels from all existing 3G and 4G antennas. Such a toxic electrosmog, which is only increasing everywhere around the world, is the real genotoxic, neurotoxic and carcinogenic trigger and catalyzer for all kinds of physical and mental ailments, severely impacting billions of people right now. Could it be involved in opening the pandora box of a new plague? Perhaps. But one thing sure, it does not help anyone. And it is high time everyone starts focussing on this actual threat rather than concocting all kinds of speculative theories.

* So far in South Korea where they have a limited offering of real 5G — using the 28 GHz spectrum – see https://bit.ly/2OjdS8F — it has a dismal record in terms of stability and reliability as one can read in “South Koreans complain at poor quality of 5G network” at https://www.ft.com/content/1ff639a4-a85a-11e9-984c-fac8325aaa04

Excerpt: The world’s first and largest 5G mobile network has come under fire from customers for poor quality, slow connections and lack of applications that use the new standard. (…) There are 14 times as many South Koreans using 5G as there are Americans, because of aggressive marketing by telecoms operators and generous subsidies. But consumers are now complaining that the promise of internet speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G has so far not been met. Users said they often have weak signal and poor connections instead. (…) Analysts explained that so far there are not enough base stations for nationwide coverage. (…) Telecom operators are scurrying to improve service quality, by building more base stations and developing new content. They have built about 63,000 5G base stations across the country, which is only 7 per cent of the number of 4G stations, according to government data.

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