“CDC, Dems go full-steam communist on contact tracing”

“CDC, Dems go full-steam communist on contact tracing”

Dear Frances,

That’s the headline on a piece in The Washington Times today, talking about the Big Government authoritarians’ all-out push for H.R. 6666, and their dream of forcing you to get a government mark of approval to live your life.

You see on Friday, while Americans geared up for Memorial Day weekend, H.R. 6666 — the so-called TestingReaching & Contacting Everyone Act, or TRACE Act — got another SIX members of congress to agree to back this Orwellian Plot!

H.R. 6666 creates a Stasi-style police force with power to enter your home to “conduct testing,” “contact tracing” and “related activities,” and for “other purposes” to separate those who test positive (or refuse to comply) from loved ones!

That’s why I’m asking all Campaign for Liberty supporters to sign the petition to STOP H.R. 6666 before it gains any more steam!

The fact is, Nancy Pelosi already injected $75 billion in funding in the latest coronavirus spending bill as a down payment on this $100 billion-per-year plot.

Now it seems governments at every level are already banking on Congress to fully rubber stamp this Orwellian nightmare in the next coronavirus spending bill.

In fact, Chicago began holding online classes today for busybody types interested in learning how to become contact tracers. Meanwhile, FEMA is running ads all over the Internet about hiring.

If you and I don’t spring into action soon, I’m worried it won’t be long until government agents are at our doors demanding entry!

That’s why it’s vital you act at once.

First, please make sure you’ve signed the petition to STOP H.R. 6666!

Second, please share my message with everyone you think will help. . .

. . . Ask them to sign the STOP H.R. 6666 petition immediately.

Then, if at all possible, chip in to help Campaign for Liberty mobilize more patriots to defend our freedoms and stop this insane assault on our liberties!

We’ve got to make it 100% clear — coronavirus DOES NOT give government license to trample our liberties.

Please act at once.

For Liberty,
Ron Paul, M.D.

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