PURPLE ALERT! Purple LED Street Lights Being Installed Everywhere To Identify The Covid Vaccinated

Purple LED Street Lights Everywhere Are To Identify The Dog Tagged Jabbed, And Here
Are The Patents!!

by Anna Von Reitz

Rat Watch Alert

Hello, Campers! Hello, Rat Watchers!

Have you noticed an uptick in the proliferation of purple LED street lights and purple LED lights in general? They are suddenly all over, but especially in major urban areas.

As one of our Ace Rat Watchers has just brought forward, there is a reason for this.

Raytheon, Inc., a major military “defense” (Ahem!) contractor has a patent, US 2012/0250948 which allows them to collect biometric identification (dog tags) using Ultraviolet (UV) Image Data.

See United States Patent Application US 2012/0250948, “System and Method for Biometric Identification using Ultraviolet (UV) Image Data.

So, the Vermin have invaded and trespassed against your Guaranteed Right to Privacy, biological and otherwise, by injecting people with technology that not only tags them like lost dogs, but also returns feedback information about their vital signs and physical condition.

At first glance, you might think that this is a good thing and that it could be put to good uses — being able to locate missing people, being able to rejoin adoptees and biological families, being able to monitor people with known heart conditions, or remotely care for and monitor people with chronic diseases like diabetes: “Wake up, Shirley! Take your insulin!”

It could be used to save lives and serve good purposes, but it could also be used for very evil purposes, too. Which, given human history, do you suppose will be predominant once you tacitly give Government Contractors the right to spy on the most intimate details of your physical being?

“Hey, Guys, it’s time for Marlene to get pregnant!”

God and the Constitutions gave us the right to privacy for a reason. Our unique biology is ours, not theirs. And any unauthorized prurient snooping into it is strictly forbidden.

Time to get off your couch and ring the alarm bells. Loudly. Every official and officer from the local Highway Patrol to the Governor and THEIR Congressional delegations need to get a send off about this and its connection to the undisclosed Covid-19 injections which have dog tagged two thirds of the people in this country.

Raytheon, the Department of the Defense, the Patent Office, and any foreign officer promoting this technology or using it for the purpose of biological identification and spying are all liable for violation of our Guaranteed Right to Privacy— including biological privacy.

If they want to treat us like dogs, let them find out that dogs can bite.

IITM: Other sources say they can also be used for ‘gene therapy’, and they can also make people sick.


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